73-Year-Old Pastor And Purple Heart Veteran Arrested For Being Present At Capitol; His Son Also Arrested Right In Front Of His 3-Year-Old Daughter

(Republican Party News) – James Cusick, a 73-year-old Purple Heart veteran who served in the war in Vietnam and is a pastor, was arrested at his home in Florida for being at the Capitol during the January 6th riots, despite the fact he was not involved in a single act of violence or destruction of property.

And as if that wasn’t awful enough, a report from Gateway Pundit says that his son, Casey, was also taken into custody, slapped with handcuffs right in front of his 3-year-old daughter who then asked why they were locking her dad’s hands up. Casey is also not being accused of violence or vandalism.

“This morning I saw a sheriff pull up in our driveway with his lights on and there was about four or five other cars with them,” his daughter Staci said to the folks working for the Gateway Pundit. “They came up to our front door and I told my dad to go answer it. As he started towards the door they started banging and banging and saying ‘open up we have a warrant.’ He opened the door and they asked him his name and to step outside.”

Staci then went on to explain that law enforcement officers saw her standing in the kitchen and then demanded she go outside as well. By the time she got out to the front yard, she witnessed the officers telling her dad to turn around and proceeded to handcuff him.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what domestic terrorism looks like today, according to the FBI. Good to know our tax dollars aren’t going to waste, right? Obviously, the FBI under Biden is targeting conservative Americans in an attempt to intimidate them into silence.

“They asked me my name and I told them I was his daughter Staci. They said they were not looking for me, but told me to put my hands on the back of the sheriff’s vehicle. My dad asked what it was about and they told him it was because he entered the Capitol building on January 6,” she went on to say.

“James Cusick was shocked, she said, to find out what the arrest was about. When he was at the Capitol he was friendly with officers, who directed him to a bathroom. His daughter says that they never told him to leave. He began to defend himself, but the agents and sheriffs reminded him that everything he says can be used against him and to wait until he has a lawyer,” the report says.

“I asked him if they would take the handcuffs off of him because I was upset seeing my 73-year-old father in handcuffs. They said no,” Staci continued.

After the FBI agents conducted a search and asked a few questions, they took both Staci and her dad inside the house and asked him to gather the clothing items he wore on that. He complied with that order.

They then asked him to retrieve his passport and told Staci to bring it to court when she picks him up after his arraignment. She was then told that her dad would be tried in the state of Virginia or Washington, D.C.

“I told them that my dad is a veteran and he has never ever been in trouble with the law. They told me that they understand that, but ‘he did break the law,’” she went on to say. “I told them my dad is opposed to any type of vandalism and that he never even saw any when he was there. When he was standing there in the Capitol, the police or guards, not sure which they were, were talking to him and being kind. They showed him where the bathrooms were. Nobody was telling them to get out. There was never any type of warning that they were breaking the law. None of that was happening.”

Photos that were taken from the Justice Department (screen shots here, and here) support Cusick’s story and show him speaking with officers in a casual manner.

“They said that they understand that and that they’re ‘not the bad guys, we’re just here doing what we’re told,’” Staci continued. “My dad loves this country. He volunteered to go to Vietnam and fight. He served 16 months there proudly. He has taken so many kids on trips to Washington, DC, to let them see this great country. He’s very passionate about this nation. He’s a pastor and he holds the Constitution in a very high regard. He hates what is happening to this country, but he would never vandalize or harm any government property, or anything for that matter. He’s a very upstanding man and I was devastated to see him taken away.”

Staci’s voice began to shake as she broke down and started to cry, adding, “there’s just no reason for it. He did nothing to deserve what we saw this morning. I don’t understand why they would feel okay doing this to someone like him. I think they felt bad about it, but they kept saying it’s their job.”

Staci then said that it made her feel uneasy to know there are people out there working for the government in this kind of capacity who are willing to participate in a farce like this simply because “it’s their job.”

Here’s some video footage of the whole incident:

“My brother lives in another town close by, about 15 minutes away,” Staci went on to explain. “He was arrested just before my father was arrested, but we did not know at the time.”

Casey’s three-year-old little girl, Staci said, “was standing right there saying ‘why are they locking his hands, mommy?’”

According to Staci, her brother is not a violent man, nor would he have condoned the vandalism and violence that broke out that fateful day in January.

“The search warrant for Casey, provided to the Gateway Pundit, showed that they were looking for any clothing he wore during the protest — specifically including a red hat that read “Trump” on the front,” the GP report says, adding, “Her father’s friend was also arrested around the same time, as he was coming back from bringing his wife home from her heart doctor.”

“As they pulled into their neighborhood, the FBI was waiting for him,” Staci said. “They arrested him right in the street in front of all his neighbors.”

Attorney John Pierce, who is representing a lot of the individuals who were in attendance at the January 6 Capitol incident, will also be representing them. Pierce’s new organization, the National Constitutional Law Union, exists to help preserve and protect the Constitution and the American of life through “providing legal support and funding to individuals whose Constitutional rights, civil liberties, and similar rights are violated or in jeopardy.”

“The process obviously continues of federal authorities rounding up American citizens with respect to January 6th. The NCLU is honored to be stepping in to provide support for these defendants and their lawyers,” Pierce stated. “It is a very unique, difficult and uncertain time in American history. What is certain is that these defendants will be pleading not guilty to all charges. We look forward to trial and getting to the bottom of what actually happened on January 6th.”

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  1. McConnell, McCarthy, the Supreme Court, the 75 million people who voted for Trump, Cruz, DeSantis–do something! Stop this insanity! Do not let these irresponsible, political jerks continue to arrest innocent people for riots staged by the FBI, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff,Whitehouse, Feinstein and the other mental midgets who are liars, hypocrites, traitors and murderers. Do some good and arrest them instead.

  2. It’s the same as when King Gorge, had people arrested which were against him.
    They wanted freedom, and today that’s what we want . Arresting people because they used free speech,when will this come to end.

  3. Wow, I’m 58 years old this sounds to me like the beginnings of NAZZI Germany as described by my Grand Parents an great Aunts and Uncles who fought in and lived during the run up to the 2nd world war. My great uncles several of who served in the European theater said that “just doing my job” & “just following orders” was said by 99% of Germans with the exception of the hardest core NAZZIs>

  4. How can the FBI arrest these law abiding Americans when the FBI was the ring leader at the capitol break-in and the attempted “kidnapping” of the terrorist governor of Michigan? You would think they would be arresting the Biden mafia family. They should also be arresting Harris for inciting riots and encouraging BLM and antifa terrorists to burn down cities and kill innocent people. Better wake up America. The commies are here.

    • Oh Liberal Tears I feel so bad for you since you most likely only look at CNN, MSNBC and reat the NYT.

      Perhaps if you remove your head from the “back hole” and look at the actual video you would see that the Federal cops opened the gates and doors in various areas and basically invited quiet and non-violent individuals to enter the Capitol.

      And as Mike pointed out, “Just doing my job or just obeying orders” is the beginning of the Communist takeover of America. Solitary confinement is also an often used Communist tactic in order to brainwash and break individuals.

      The FBI is now the equivalent of the Gestapo!

  5. God will turn their own evil plan back on themselves as he did in the Esther story. HE just said so. This is GOD vs. Satan and it’s obvious which side is which. God is going to do something awesome on the 4th of July and it will continue the 5th and 6th. Biden will die very soon. Kamala will never be president. God says, “MY son Donald….” God loves us and is coming to our rescue.
    Satan is trying to bring the end early but God is already exposing the lies and corruption. When you see it turn drop to your knees and thank your Heavenly Father because HE is doing it. He let it go this far for us to see what HE is saving us from. Give HIM all the Glory. Do not fear! It’s going to be AMAZING!! A BILLION people will come to Christ!! If you want more watch the prophets on the 4th. https://regeneration.ticketspice.com/letfreedomring


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