According To OAN Reporter, Georgia Team On Its Way To AZ To Watch Audit; Other States May Soon Follow

(Republican Party News) – On Monday morning, Christina Bobb, a reporter for One America News network, stated that a handful of states might be joining the team from Georgia in coming out to Arizona to take a tour of the first full election results forensic audit in America’s history.

According to a report coming from the Gateway Pundit, a team of folks from the state of Pennsylvania came to the facility just last week, led by State Sen. Doug Mastriano, State Sen. Cris Dush, and State Rep. Rob Kauffman.

“I expect to see more than Georgia out here this week,” Bobb said.

“As forensic tables start to cover the floor in replacement of counting tables, and the audit comes to completion, states must be in a rush to observe the process in order to replicate it at home,” the GP report stated.

The current number of pallets waiting to be counted and examined is still, at the time of this writing, seven, but they are being done in an orderly and efficient manner, so it will not be long until we have the results from this audit and the truth we’ve been craving since the fiasco started back in November.

Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano said, “Myself, Sen. Cris Dush, and Rep. Rob Kauffman met with our counterparts in The House and Senate today. They gave us the legislative perspective on this audit: why they’re doing it and how they got here. Then after that, we got a tour of the audit and they went through the process of how they protect people’s privacy, how they ensure chain of custody and how this is a free and transparent process. I gotta tell you: I’m Impressed. This is a model for any audit in any nation or the world.”

He went on to say, “My impression of this right here is, this is the way you do it. They’re looking at the type of paper that’s being used, they’re looking at whether circles were filled in by a machine or by hand. This is the level of technology that we should have. The takeaway for Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation is that our elections need to be secure. People should be able to walk into the ballot box thinking “my vote counted, my voice was heard”. If we got nothing to hide, Let’s do this.”

Pennsylvania is currently preparing to do an audit of their own, so the fact they toured the facility is exciting. It means they will likely try to replicate the process used in Arizona, which demonstrates a true concern for the integrity of future elections in the United States.

Every single state in the country that experienced oddities during the election should send delegations to Arizona to learn how to do this audit stuff correctly.

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