ALERT: Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Blasted For Approving Of ‘Murder’

(Republican Party News) – Joe Biden has claimed to be a devout Catholic yet his radical agenda proves otherwise. On Friday, the American Life League, the nation’s oldest grassroots pro-life education and advocacy organization, slammed Biden for being “clueless” about morality.

This came after Biden announced his US Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who approves of “murdering an innocent person,” according to the American Life League.

Biden named Jackson to fill retiring Justice Stephen Breyer seat after promising the country he would only consider black women for the role. Nothing racist or sexist about that!

On top of his discriminatory tactics to fill the seat, he also picked someone who unabashedly pro-abortion, despite his claims of being a Catholic.

The American Life League’s president, Judie Brown, explained the issues the organization has with Jackson ascending to the Supreme Court.

“The president of the United States has proven once again that he is not only clueless when it comes to morality and the law but committed to reshaping the justice system so that it is unjust in the treatment of society’s most vulnerable members,” she said in a statement emailed to WND.

“Regardless of the hype, a Supreme Court justice should reflect the principles contained in the Bill of Rights and therefore should never approve of murdering an innocent person for any reason regardless of her place of residence. And that includes people prior to birth.”

Hugh Brown, the executive vice president of the organization, added, “Joe Biden and his ilk continually reference the constitutional right to abortion. It does not exist. Those words were never written. His lust to appease the murder of children once again highlights how he has never been Catholic, is a total fraud, is a deceiver and is an embarrassment as a human being.”

“Let us pray Ketanji Brown Jackson has her heart touched by the Holy Spirit and is the total opposite of what the forces of abortion and evil perceive her to be. For if she is indeed a woman who supports the wholesale slaughter of the innocents she should be opposed with every fiber of our being,” Brown requested.

Dwain Currier, ALL’s director of public policy, highlighted the glaring hypocrisy in Biden’s nomination, especially considering he claims to be Catholic.

“For what it’s worth, also note from the Catechism section 1935, the equality of men rests essentially on their dignity as persons and the rights that flow from it,” Currier said. That reference, in fact, states: “Every form of social or cultural discrimination in fundamental personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language, or religion must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God’s design.”

“Appointing someone because they’re a.) black and b.) female violates human dignity,” Currier continued. “Biden telegraphed his choice during the campaign, which makes his current choice public and scandalous.”

Democrats are zealous about ensuring the nomination of a radical, pro-abortion justice. They’ve announced Jackson’s confirmation hearing will begin March 21.

Turns out there are lots of reasons not to support Jackson being confirmed to the SCOTUS aside from her pro-abortion stance. According to Just the News, Jackson has a history of support for sex offenders and has complained about the “excessiveness” of their punishments.

Her sentiments came in an article she published under anonymity in 1996 in the Harvard Law Review. She did not reveal herself to be the author until she was asked by the Senate Judiciary Committee to provide a list of her published writings.

Jackson’s paper criticized the “excessiveness” of punishments for convicted sex offenders and complained that their sentences could “unfair and unnecessarily burdensome.”

She wrote, “Even in the face of understandable public outrage over repeat sexual predators, a principled prevention/punishment analysis evaluates the effect of the challenged legislation in a manner that reinforces constitutional safeguards against unfair and unnecessarily burdensome legislative action.”

Furthermore, according to the Washington Free Beacon, she could have to answer for her actions in protecting “one of Hillary Clinton’s top State Department aides from scrutiny about his use of a personal email account to conduct official business.”

Jackson in 2015 denied Gawker’s request for details about press aide Philippe Reines’ stewardship of the account in the context of a Freedom of Information fight, the report explained.

The publication had sought emails Reines exchanged with dozens of media outlets, but Jackson blocked the attempt, claiming there was no proof that Reines acted in “bad faith” by using a personal email address.

The report explained, “Like Clinton, Reines often communicated with the press via a personal email account. That meant his communiqués were not preserved on State Department systems. When Gawker filed a FOIA request for Reines’ emails in September 2012, State Department officials were thus unable to turn up responsive records, prompting the lawsuit.”

Along with protecting the Clinton aide, Jackson also claimed the State Department had no obligation under FOIA “to solicit or produce” documents held by a former official.

Jackson is the radical Biden and the left have been waiting to install in the Supreme Court. She’s everything they could ever hope for.

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