ALERT: Looking For Proof Biden Is A Racist? We’ve Got Evidence Right Here

(Republican Party News) – It’s not exactly a well kept secret to say that Joe Biden has a bit of a racist history. However, he’s not just a racist. In fact, he’s more like a cranky, twisted old dude who pretty much hates all human beings regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

So I guess that makes him worse than we thought, right?

After all, Biden is the kind of fellow who craves to have power and prestige above all things. Kind of inevitable that a person who wants those two things will hate other human beings. You have to if you want to rule over others as if you’re better than they are.

Now, that’s not to say that Biden doesn’t often come off as racist. There is a rather extensive historical record of remarks made by him that should provide more than enough evidence to convince folks that he’s not as “progressive” as they think he is.

A report from The Western Journal points out a recent example of his racist tendencies. Biden made a remark providing an explanation for why he thinks so many American Latinos might be resisting COVID vaccination.

“They’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported,” Biden said according to a report from The Heritage Foundation.

Now just take a moment and imagine what would happen if President Trump or any other major conservative figure made that statement. There would be a years-long campaign of attack launched against said individuals.

Could it really be that Biden believes every Latino person in the country is actually an illegal alien that could potentially be expelled from the country? I mean, surely he has people around him who would inform him that there are currently more than 60 million Latino individuals living here who are American citizens, according to a recent census, right?

“Why stop alienating such a sizable voting block there? Biden — in his great wisdom — referred to this same segment of the population as ‘Latinx.’ The term was invented in the woke-academy by ostensibly genderless professors who object to gender-specific words inherent in the Spanish language,” the WJ piece said.

“According to The Heritage Foundation, only 3% of Latinos use ‘Latinx’ to describe themselves. Even worse — maybe — less than a quarter of Latinos have ever even heard of the word. Many Latinos are openly hostile to the term, seeing it as a bastardization of a beautiful language,” the WJ continued.

Okay, so we’ve covered the Latino demographic. How about Biden’s remarks concerning blacks?

“Biden, in another attempt to explain away why people are leery about taking vaccines, said that blacks may be afraid of the COVID vaccine because of historically shameful incidents where they were subject to unethical medical experiments,” the report continued.

“They are used to being experimented on—the Tuskegee Airmen and others,” Biden blabbed.

“He might have gotten some traction here if the statement was historically accurate. Biden confused the Tuskegee Airmen — legendary World War II fighter pilots — with the infamous governmental study of syphilis among black men, the Tuskegee Experiment,” the piece said.

And that’s just from one press conference. There are actually a lot more like it. Again, if this were a Republican making these remarks, his career in politics would be over lickety-split.

Back in 1977, Biden stated that forced busing to desegregate schools would result in his kids growing up “in a racial jungle.”


Then, back in 2007, Biden referred to Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

How did that not end his political career? Seriously.

Then in 2006, Biden said, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

And nope, it doesn’t end there. Biden seems to be racist against all minorities. He’s an equal opportunity hater.

“Biden claimed Trump was wrong in holding China accountable for the coronavirus. Why? Because Americans can’t distinguish ‘between a South Korean and someone from Beijing,'” the report pointed out.

“I’m not quite sure who this insult is aimed at, Asians or Americans — probably both if Biden’s pattern holds true. Are Americans supposed to be able to distinguish people from, say, Belarus from people of Ukraine? Is the broad term ‘Asian’ to be reduced to national boundaries? I wonder if a Latino from Guatemala is supposed to be distinguished from a Latinx from Uruguay?” the WJ piece continued.

“While we’re at it, let’s take a brief look at Biden’s attitude towards whites, a generalized racial grouping that, presumably, Biden inhabits. (Forgive me, but I can’t tell at first glance an Irishman from a Scot.) The Biden administration’s infrastructure bill is chock-full of anti-white racism. As one example, the $1.2 trillion bill seeks to insert CRT’s anti-white racism into multiple taxpayer-funded programs,” the piece added.

The man even hates the race he himself is a part of. What kind of sane person hates human beings this much?

Oh, remember the time that Biden slurred the N-word while reading a speech during the European Union Virtual Munich Security Conference?

This report stated, “President Joe Biden recently read a speech to the Virtual Munich Security Conference in which he seemed to stumble and slip during his presentation, which, again, is just reading, slurring his words together before finally allowing the mother of all racial bad words, the N-word, to slip out of his mouth. This man is a total disgrace.”

“’…I’m either to hear, I’m eager to hear. (pause) Ni$$er to hear, next from my good friends, and outstanding leaders, sanser(??) Merkel about her thoughts on the way forward together…’ Biden says, barely seeming able to even speak a single word of this speech clearly. There is no way this guy is mentally fit to be the president. None. Zip. Zilch,” the report noted.

The bottom line here is this man is a disgrace.

Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day when race would disappear and our society would then judge people by the content of their character. And we had made great strides toward that very thing, until Democrats took control and radical left-wing ideology began to once again refocus the value of a person on their race and skin color, setting us back decades in race relations.

And Biden is part of the crowd responsible for that.

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