ALERT: Major U.S. Bank Cancels All Accounts Of Famous Trump Supporter

(Republican Party News) – Well, it seems that radical leftist policy and ideology has infected yet another major corporation that is dead set on silencing the voices of conservatives who support former President Donald Trump.

According to a report from Infowars, Chase Bank has decided to cancel the personal credit card of General Michael Flynn. The reason? The bank says they shut down the account due to “possible reputational risk to our company.

Lt. Gen. Flynn, President Trump’s very first National Security Adviser, was set up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in what has become known as an unauthorized ‘perjury trap,’ due to his conversations held with a former Russian ambassador concerning sanctions that were connected to alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“Flynn pleaded in December 2017 to lying to the FBI about contacts with the former Russian ambassador during the 2016 presidential transition – only to have the Justice Department drop the case after Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, fought for the release of information suggesting that the FBI laid the ‘perjury trap‘ to try and get him to lie. In January 2020, however, Flynn withdrew his guilty plea in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. – stating that he was “innocent of this crime” and was coerced by the FBI and prosecutors under threats that would charge his son with a crime,” the report says.

“According to documents uncovered by Flynn attorney Sidney Powell, the FBI had already come to the conclusion that Flynn was guilty prior to their unauthorized interview with him in January, 2017 – and that agents were working together to see how best to corner the 33-year military veteran and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. The bureau deliberately chose not to show him the evidence of his phone conversation to help him in his recollection of events, which is standard procedure. Even stranger, the agents that interviewed Flynn later admitted that they didn’t believe he lied during the interview with them,” the report continues.

The whole FBI investigation into General Michael Flynn seems to have been started by Stephan Halper, a Russiagate operative, who lied through his teeth about Flynn having a relationship with a Russian academic.

After the malfeasance of the agency was discovered, Trump’s DOJ dropped all of the charges against Flynn (screen shot here), stating that the FBI had no reason to interview him on January 24, 2017.

“The judge, Emmet Sullivan, refused to drop the case, and has instead asked a federal appeals court – twice – whether he can ignore the DOJ, after asking a government-paid private lawyer to argue against Flynn – only to eventually relent after Trump pardoned his former NatSec adviser,” Infowars reports.

Going back to the canceled credit card from Chase Bank, Flynn stated that the letter he got notifying him of the closure of the account said, “After careful consideration, we decided to close your credit cards on September 18, 2021 because continuing the relationship creates possible reputational risk to our company.”

Flynn then went on to publish a photograph of the letter on his Telegram account.

He responded to the closure by stating that the bank “has gone full blown woke.”

“They need to deal with their own reputation instead of persecuting my family and I,” he wrote in his post, adding, “DOJ dropped my case for their own egregious government misconduct, appears you weren’t that lucky with the DOJ.”

In September of last year, Chase Bank ended up agreeing to pay out $920 million to help resolve criminal charges that were brought by the DOJ in connection with schemes to defraud precious metals and U.S. Treasuries markets.

Yeah. Sounds like they’ve done a pretty good job of ruining their own reputation, wouldn’t you agree?

“I guess my America First political views don’t align with yours. Your loss,” Flynn continued.

This whole incident is very similar to the situation of Trump supporter and America First activist Lauren Witzke, who had her Wells Fargo account shut down and left with a complete zero balance with no warning back in June.

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  1. We all knew that Gen. Flynn was innocent of any charges that Obama/Biden would come up with and directed the DOJ to charge him with. Glad to see that he is out of any legal difficulties. So far as Chase bank deleting his personal CC, it is typical of the dems and Obama and Biden to use their influence to continue to drag Flynn through the mud. The people/citizens of the U.S. will one day get even with Chase. They also charge the people with too high interest rates on an annual basis and take advantage of laws they got the gov’t to approve in some state that passed those laws to screw the people and cause bankruptcies to millions of U.S. families without notice and any authority. Wait til the citizens pass and demand the banks and CC companies pay back all the monies they and all the banks and CC’s have stolen from the citizens and others. Maybe we will get them and the executives to go bankrupt. See how they get along on the homeless lines.The COS will do the job, eh?

  2. Time for all conservative, God fearing, country loving, and Constitution honoring citizens to withdraw all their money out of this communist bank, the elite go too far. They allow terrorists and anti American haters to use and abuse, but they do this to a man who served in the military and gave his life to our country. Everybody knows Gen. Flynn was set up, trapped, lied about, accused of things he did not not, just like our President Trump was done. These kind of strong arm tactics that the communist demonRAT mafia are best known for, and we all know that the communist muslim demonRATs committed fraud against him. I wouldn’t use this bank it if was the only bank on the planet.

    For them to accuse him of being a risk, we can rightly know that what they accuse is what they are guilty of themselves. What kind of fraud are THEY committing against ALL of their customers? The guilty dog always barks, and they always bark the loudest. Gen. Flynn should sue them for this slander, because what other banks will do the same just because these hateful people did this to him? The elite have too much power, and they get it from “We The People” who are not paying attention to their power and control grab over us. Wake up, America, you are being USED to destroy ourselves and our country for them.

  3. People need to start switching their money to private credit unions. It is something to think about. It would put some pressure on the big banks to
    get their houses in order. Out country is in the grip of the elite wealthy and they are looking at global domination which is an abhorrent thought. If all these people want to dominate so much then move to another country and leave us alone.


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