Alert: Ottawa Police Chief Resigns As Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protest Persists

(Republican Party News) – Just a little over a week after stating he had no plans to retire from the force, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has stepped down from his post.

According to a report put out by CBC News, Sloly announced his retirement after a meeting Tuesday of the Ottawa Police Services Board.

The Western Journal said that over the course of recent weeks, Sloly has been taking a lot of heat for how he has handled the “Freedom Convoy,” which is made up mostly of Canadian truckers who are letting their voices be heard concerning their opposition to vaccine mandates.

“On Feb. 7, Sloly was asked by radio show host Leslie Roberts whether he had any plans of retiring amid the criticism. He responded that he had ‘absolutely none,’ CTV News reported,” according to the WJ report.

“I came here to do a job, and I’m going to get that job done all the way through,” Sloly stated. “Absolutely committed, have a great team here, great officers, we’ve got great partners in the city. We’re going to get this done.”

Sloly has been getting nailed to the wall by both sides regarding how he has handled the trucker protests. Those who support the truckers feel he has made them out to be the bad guys in this situation, while those on the other side of the issue claim he hasn’t done enough to bring the protest to an end and from taking over downtown Ottawa.

Back on Feb. 4, Sloly came out and spoke against individuals participating in the trucker convoy, saying the “goal is to end the demonstration.”

“In a Feb. 4 tweet on its official Twitter account, Ottawa Police praised crowdfunding platform GoFundMe for withholding donations that had been given to the truckers by online supporters,” the report from WJ said.

“We want to thank @gofundme for listening to our concerns as a City and a police service,” the department said in its post.

“The decision to withhold funding for these unlawful demonstrations is an important step and we call on all crowdfunding sites to follow,” it continued.

“Twitter users attacked the tweet in the comments, with some going as far as to call the Ottawa police ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists,'” the report said.

“Addressing criticism from the opposing side who felt the department was not harsh enough, Sloly told CTV his department was simply waiting until it could amass more resources,” the WJ report continued.

“We couldn’t go out and tell people what we were going to do until we had the resources to start to do it,” Sloly went on to say on Feb. 7.

“That’s why we could make those announcements and that’s why we can turn up the heat. And the more resources I get, the more heat I will turn up,” he added.

Just as Sloly was preparing to make the announcement about his retirement, the “Freedom Convoy” that started in Ottawa has moved across many Canadian provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went full Castro to try to stop the protests by invoking the use of emergency powers.

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