Antifa Activist Who Sold Capitol Riot Footage To Liberal Media Had $90,000 Seized By Feds

(Republican Party News) – John Sullivan, an activist for Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who stormed the Capitol back on January 6 wearing a disguise as a Trump supporter, captured video footage of the Capitol Police shooting of Ashli Babbitt, has now had $90,000, which seems to be the same money he was paid for the footage he sold to liberal news networks, seized by the federal government.

According to Infowars, Sullivan, who posted up the videos that were watermarked with Jayden X on social media, says he ran into the Capitol disguised as a supporter of President Trump, to try and document the civil unrest.

“I wanted to be able to tell a part of history,” Sullivan stated back in January. Talking with the media, he acknowledged that Black Lives Matter and Antifa were indeed present during the riot, but then said that “It’s just recording, solely, and not being active in it.”

It was reported later on that Sullivan ended up selling his footage of the siege to both CNN and NBC for $35,000 each.

Reuters recently reported that “U.S. authorities have now confiscated roughly $90,000” from Sullivan.

“Prosecutors have filed additional criminal charges against the man, John Earle Sullivan, a self-described political activist who is accused of entering the Capitol building and participating in the riot,” Reuters said in their report.

Reuters goes on to reveal that Sullivan bragged, “my footage is worth like a million of dollars, millions of dollars.” The report continued, saying, “Sullivan sold that footage to several news outlets for a total of $90,000, according to the seizure warrant. The news outlets were redacted from the warrant.”

“At the time of Sullivan’s arrest, National File reported, ‘Despite claiming he only entered the building in a journalistic capacity, the indictment against Sullivan declares otherwise. The 18-page affidavit claims Sullivan allegedly incited violence by exclaiming ‘we gotta get this shit burned’ and ‘it’s our house motherfuckers,’” Infowars reports.

“Sullivan was previously recorded during an anti-Trump riot in Washington, D.C. In the video, Sullivan pointed at the White House, and said,’ We… about to burn this s— down… We gotta rip Trump right out of that office right there,’ Sullivan added, ‘We ain’t about…waiting until the next election. It’s time for revolution,'” the report continued.

Messages that were pulled from a Discord server that was run by Sullivan have been leaked, revealing that he sought to disguise himself as a Trump supporter to record footage and try to spark more civil unrest.

“In the days immediately following the January 6 protest, one user in Sullivan’s Discord server wrote, ‘I had to wear a Trump hat and shirtm [sic]’ to be able to infiltrate the crowd unnoticed.'”

Another activist disagreed and then said “Putting on a Trump hat does not make him blend in. It makes him look like a well known activist who was attempting to instigate ‘Antifa violence’ narrative.”

This really blows up the narrative the left is pushing that Antifa and BLM played no part in the violence that occurred during the Capitol siege. Obviously, members of these two would-be terrorist groups wanted to cause trouble and make Trump supporters look bad.

Unfortunately, it seems they succeed.

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