‘Arrest Bill Gates’: Protesters Confront Billionaire

(Republican Party News) – Thousands of protesters showed up at the venue on Sunday where Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was scheduled to deliver a chat, calling for his arrest due to his massive financial support and promotion of the mRNA vaccines and government mandates.

According to a report published by WND, the billionaire was at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Center in the Canadian city to deliver the keynote address during a four day TED Talk conference, according to Alicia Powe who writes for the Gateway Pundit.

Chris Sky, an activist who is most well known for leading protests against vaccine mandates in Canada, led the peaceful march to the front door of the convention center.

“Arrest Bill Gates! Arrest Bill Gates!” the protesters all chanted together.

During a speech that was delivered during the “Super Protest,” one demonstrated stated that Gates “is not our god.”

“He’s not elected, but he thinks he is more important than the government itself,” the protester said.

“Another speaker was Dr. Sofia Bayfield, a physician, who said that any doctors ‘who start to speak up against the mandates, who start to speak up about the media narrative, are paying a price,'” WND reported.

“We are paying a price professionally. Psychologists are going after us. We are losing our hospital privileges,” she went on to say.

Bayfield then stated that many of her colleagues, which includes both surgeons and radiologists, have not worked since last October.

“Shame,” she remarked. “As we know, science is never settled. Even Albert Einstein said we have to debate. Science is always an ongoing debate. This is very important. The risk that we are taking in standing up is worth it. It is our moral obligation.”

Powe, going on to cite the TED Talk 2022 website, pointed out that Gates is scheduled to deliver a presentation about his new book, “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.”

During fall time last year, Gates went on to acknowledge that, contrary to promises previously made, the vaccines he poured so much cash into and pushed on people did not “block” infection and transmission of COVID-19.

Bill Gates has had his hands dirty for a long, long time when it comes to promoting and pushing a socialist agenda. He was a big time supporter of common core education standards which really caused a lot of problems in the public school system and was simply another way to help facilitate the indoctrination of children with socialistic doctrine.

No one should be listening to this guy when it comes to vaccines and viruses. He’s not a medical professional. He’s a rich tech guru who is more than a little creepy and shady. Do you really want to trust this kind of guy with your future and your health?

Hard pass.

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  1. bill Gates, and his Wife arte just as Guilty bas cthat dirt bsag Fauci, helping crate the Virious, in whuhon, you can bet your your ass on it, Gates has alwasy been a scumbag, a real disgrace in America, if it was up to this scumbag, he would expairment on all the American people, hopefuly their is a Bullet waithing for him.

  2. Everyone needs to start treating Gates as the rotten person he is. Steve Jobs had his quirks too, but, he wasn’t half the creep Gates is.
    Yes, arrest him……..

  3. I agree with Scott. Who died and left Bill Gates in charge. He spouts garbage opinions and socialist bull dung. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have brains. Maybe smart on some things but not smart on life.


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