‘Backroom Deal’: NY Governor Accused Of Rigging Congressional Election For Democrat

(Republican Party News) – Democrats are all corrupt. Sure, there’s corrupt Republicans too but it really seems to be a trademark of Democrats.

In New York, Republican congressional candidate Marc Molinaro accused Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul of colluding with a Democratic candidate to earn them an unfair advantage in an upcoming special election.

Molinaro claims that Hochul and Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan conspired in a “backroom deal” to gain an advantage in the special election to replace now Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado’s seat in New York’s 19th District.

Molinaro alleged that the Governor delayed the swearing-in of Delgado as part of an effort to ensure that the special election would fall on the same date as New York’s August primary elections which he believes would give Democratic candidates an unfair advantage.

“Democrats hand-picked their candidate for the 19th District through a corrupt backroom deal, and then gave him insider info as to when the special election would be held,” Molinaro told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“They’ve been plotting this for weeks now, and now have an unfair advantage in a race they know could decide the majority in the house.”

The special election for Delgado’s seat being on the same day as the primary election could result in a higher turnout of Democratic voters, according to a report by WRGB-TV.

Delgado was tapped as the new Lt. Gov. after the previous one stepped down following federal corruption charges. It’s always something with these Democrats.

“NY-19 has been one of our top targeted seats and Antonio Delgado jumped ship because he knew he was headed for defeat,” New York GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy told The DCNF.

“With Marc Molinaro as our candidate, we are going to take back this seat and restore common sense leadership to Washington to rein in out-of-control inflation, gas prices and lawlessness.”

Naturally, representatives for Hochul, Delgado, and Ryan did not respond to requests for comment by the DCNF.

Molinaro also alleged Ryan split his loyalty and commitment by running for the current 19th Congressional District as well as the redrawn 18th Congressional District at the same time.

“Voters are justifiably confused by the situation in New York State,” Molinaro said.

“Democrats in Albany, led by Democrats in Washington, illegally attempted to gerrymander congressional districts to benefit them politically.”

“If there has to be a special election due to Congressman Delgado departing his role, to me it makes sense aligning that with one of those, so that more people can vote, and frankly so we can save money.

“To me, to have to run another election, you risk less people having a voice and a vote and certainly it costs more money,” Ryan told WRGB-TV.

Of course, that’s all just nonsense. If people care to partake in the democratic process they will go out and vote. Leave it to Democrats to act like not having an election on a specific day amounts to some kind of voter suppression.

New York state is an absolute mess and it’s not going to be getting any better any time soon if voters continue to vote for corrupt, do-nothing, self-serving Democrats. Time to wake up, New York.

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  1. Democrats colluded to steal yet ANOTHER election? I’m shocked–shocked! Sarcasm off. When do they NOT collude to steal every election that happens? These conniving SCUM will do ANYTHING to stay in power. ANYTHING. Lie, cheat, steal, KILL, etc.

  2. Rigging an Election by demonRATs ? that is NOT news, that is Daily Life in these united states,…. getting caught is also NOT news,…. demons are not very smart,…. it being reported upon is really the news and prosecution would really be news !

  3. The democratic communist party owns and controls . the American bar association in the northeastern US and many other parts of the US. from their ivy League law schools to the SCOTUS That has been made abundantly clear through the recent special investigation and trial of a democratic connected law firm. The ABA has no over site other than themselves.

  4. Thieves and liars, the whole damn bunch of them. They’d throw their own mother under the bus to win. That’s way we need to get rid of the dirty, cheating, backstabbing demon-rats all together.


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