Banned Video! Doctor Shocked: Blood Tests Before & After Covid Jab Prove Shot OBLITERATES Immune System

(Republican Party News) – New reports from the folks over at Infowars have revealed that an independent study was conducted by a physician from Illinois that seems to show how the coronavirus vaccine suppresses the body’s adaptive immune system, which leaves those that take the jab far more vulnerable to illness.

This theory, put together by Dr. Nathan Thompson, might provide an explanation for the phenomenon of “breakthrough infections” among those who have taken the vaccine, which is when individuals contract the virus even after full vaccination.

Thompson created a 16 minute video that he published on YouTube toward the end of last month, which was of course removed by the video platform, where he went on to describe how he received permission from a healthy patient to perform immune system blood panels before taking the first shot, after it, and then again after getting the second dose.

“When you look at this, the biggest thing that you see is you see everything is doing really well,” Thompson went on to say while reviewing the patient’s pre-jab panel.

The second panel taken after the patient’s first vaccine dose showed a very interesting difference.

“Here’s what’s interesting. As you see the CD8 cells started to jump way up,” Thompson said.

“CD8 cell is called a suppressor T cell. It’s also known as a killer T cell. What do killer T cells actually do? Well…these are sniper specific cells and they are designed to kill virally infected cells…that are literally wearing the virus on the surface of the cell – think of spike protein – and it’s also killing cancer cells. That’s the job. They’re very sniper specific,” the doctor explained.

“So when you look at this, you can see those CD8 cells after the first you-know-what, you can see they start to jump up. They’re saying, ‘Hold the phone. What is going on here? We need to start killing off these cells that are expressing a specific… I don’t know how you say, spike protein,’” Thompson went on to clarify (screen shot here).

The third panel, which was done after the patient’s second vaccine jab, revealed an even more shocking development, as the patient’s adaptive immune system appeared to “tank.”

“So, now what you see is you see that his granulocytes, look at how much they jumped up,” Thompson said. “Holy cow.”

“These granulocytes… basically they’re neutrophils, they’re first responders, they’re emergency type cells,” Thompson stated, “but they’re mostly for bacterial infection and they also clean up tissue damage.”

“When you look at his lymphocytes, so his lymphocytes are things like his CD4 cells, CD8 cells, natural killer cells, his b lymphocytes that are producing antibodies…you can see how badly now that’s started to tank. And then what’s interesting too is that you can see that his natural killer cells have absolutely tanked as well,” the doctor added.

Essentially what this means is the jab did more damage to the patient than good. It lowered the patient’s immunity, which means he’s more vulnerable to infection, not just from communicable diseases, but from cancer cells too.

“Natural killer cells…this is part of your innate immune system. Okay? This is your innate immune system and natural killer cells are your first responders to things like viruses, virally infected cells, and yes, even cancer cells. And wow, holy cow. You can see how that is tanked,” Thompson said.

“So what has tanked?” the doctor asked. “His adaptive immune system has absolutely tanked. Adaptive immune system, CD4, CD8, natural killer cells, his b lymphocytes – all of those things have actually just gotten pummeled within the month.”

The patient was an otherwise healthy individual, which is why these tests suggest the introduction of a “toxin” into his body could be the culprit behind the immune system tanking.

“Now what has changed within the month? Gee, I wonder. He’s still eating great. He’s still exercising. He’s still avoiding his food allergies. He’s taken his supplements. So what changed in his environment? It was a toxin,” Dr. Thompson confirmed, going on to add, “I’ll leave it up to you to understand what I mean by a ‘toxin.’”

According to Thompson, the tests indicate the patient is suffering from “autoimmunity,” which is a disorder where the immune system launches an assault on healthy cells.

“So if you said, ‘Hey, look at this lab and what does it tell you?’ I would look at this lab and in two seconds I would say this person has autoimmunity. Let me say it again: this person has autoimmunity,” Thompson said.

“People with autoimmunity so many times I’ve seen clinically high granulocytes and a tanked adaptive immune system,” the doctor stated.

“…This body is trying to handle some kind of tissue damage, but also the very thing that’s designed to handle things like cancer cells…has absolutely tanked,” he stated.

“If they have this low [immunity] and it stays and it persists… and that adaptive immune system response persists… it’s going to have a bad response to any other kind of viral infection,” Thompson went on to reveal in the video.

“If you looked at that blood work, would you say that this person is very susceptible to having another viral infection, and maybe…you just might call it a breakthrough infection, you guys see that? A breakthrough infection,” the doctor went on to say.

“Could it be that after this maybe this is happening in a lot of people and leaving them wide open to have breakthrough infections after that?” the doctor asked, encouraging other doctors to conduct tests of their own.

“I’m not trying to spike the football. I hope I’m wrong, I really do. I hope I’m wrong, because if this is one person, we are looking at 150, 170, 180 million people,” he said.

Thompson’s video had garnered over 259,000 views before YouTube censored him by taking the video down and claiming he violated their community guidelines.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why so many individuals are hesitant to take the jab. There’s so much we don’t know because studies have not been conducted that reveal these kinds of things.

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  1. I think its an erroneous assumption to state that these kinds of tests and the results have not been “done”. Does anyone not of the sheeple herd believe that ?

  2. I took both Phizor “vaccines “ in February of 2021. I’m not getting a booster. I don’t believe they’re actually vaccines but instead gene therapy experiments. If I had it to do over I would not have taken the two back in February. I know covid19 is a real virus and it can and has been deadly but I don’t believe the CDC or FDA have our best interest at heart but are very much political and influenced/ controlled by the global government. I also believe China with the help from NIH/ Fauci the Fraudster released this virus on the world. This so called vaccine is not to benefit society. I just pray that the Good Lord Jesus help us. He is our hope in these times.

    • My sister in law got one of the covid vaccines five months ago and three days later was rushed to the hospital diagnosed with an inflamed stomach and lungs. Now is on oxygen for the rest of her life! Last week she was diagnosed with liver cancer! There is no way that I will get any of these vaccines. The common cold and HIV viruses have been around for decades and there has never been a vaccine developed for them! Yet in less than a year multiple drug companies have developed a covid vaccine! If these covid vaccines are so great then why do you still have to wear a mask, social distance and why do you still get covid? Why do you need shot after shot and booster after booster? Why are they now pushing for children to get these covid vaccines when they don’t die from covid? If there is a 99% survival rate why the hysteria over this virus? My granddaughter got covid and so did her husband, she had a stuffy nose and a sore throat and his symptoms were minor and neither one of them has been vaccinated! I am 77 and I will not get any of these vaccines! This has all been manufactured as a pandemic so that we will all be scared and so we will submit to their mandates. And why mandates, shouldn’t we all be able to decide what is best for us and our families? Why are we being forced to do this?

  3. The new variant means a new booster. Then seven or eight months from now another new variant and another booster. Meanwhile people are dying at an ever increasing rate. Info Wars has been right about everything thus far. vaccines, world population control.

  4. The new Variant is now being reported as much lass severe. Meanwhile the corrupt Media is attempting to strike fear into your hearts. The Biden Administration is doing the same. The President lies, the Media lie’s and Americans are beginning to wake up to the truth.


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