Biden Babysitter Kamala Harris Takes Call With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

(Republican Party News) – The mainstream media sycophants relentlessly attacked President Trump during his first term for supposedly “breaking the norms” over and over again. Everything he did seemed to “break” some “norm.”

It was their go-to talking point when they just couldn’t find a legitimate reason to criticize Trump’s America first policies and moves.

Ironically, now Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office and he has literally done nothing but break the “norms” yet you don’t hear the hypocritical media calling him out, ever.

After signing over 40 executive orders during his first month in office, like a good little CCP puppet, Biden failed to deliver a State of the Union address during the month of February breaking with tradition, and has also seemed to dole out the responsibility of speaking to foreign leaders to his Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris is clearly running the show but don’t expect anyone on the left to outright admit it. They don’t need to. It’s obvious.

Harris has already spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while Joe Biden naps and plays video games.

Now Harris has spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Thursday, Biden’s babysitter Harris spoke with Netanyahu on a phone call while Biden presumably enjoyed a nap or wandered around the White House.

On Thursday, Biden did host a group of House members at the White House and even joined in a virtual call with NASA. Other than these grueling tasks, however, his schedule appeared to be empty.

During Harris’ phone call with Netanyahu, she “emphasized the United States’ unwavering commitment to Israel’s security.” (Did Harris run that by Ilhan Omar and the other anti-Semitic members of the “squad?”)

Harris and Netanyahu also reportedly agreed to advance “COVID cooperation.”

The White House reported that Harris “expressed strong support for Israel’s recent groundbreaking normalization agreements with countries in the Arab and Muslim world, and stressed the importance of advancing peace, security, and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians alike.”

The two apparently had a very productive call where they expressed agreement on a number of issues.

It’s clear that Joe Biden’s dementia has made him unsuitable to take calls with foreign leaders and therefore his handler Harris has to do it for him.

Democrats in Congress have already made moves to strip Biden of his authority over the nuclear codes claiming that it’s really because of Trump that they don’t want the president to have this kind of power.

The reality is, they all know Joe Biden’s dementia is getting worse and worse by the day.

Under President Trump we had strength in the White House that was respected around the world. Despite the left’s insistence that Trump was erratic and didn’t know what he was doing internationally, he didn’t get the US involved in a single new conflict and got massive numbers of troops home.

Under Joe Biden, international tensions are already flaring. Conflicts are beginning to escalate. Volatile situations are being poked. The Commander-in-Chief is weak and a puppet and the world knows it.

What an absolute circus.

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  1. Joe Biden is senile and unfit to be the U.S. Commander-in-Chief. The clip shown on Fox News of Biden asking Nancy Pelosi what she wished him to do about taking questions caused the feed from the White House to be cut.
    The Democrats managed to win the general election by manipulating vote tabulation machines to move untold numbers of votes for President Donald Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden.
    The U.S. Supreme Court managed to refuse to hear the Texas appeal which should have invalidated the electoral votes in several key battleground states despite Justices Thomas and Alito voting to hear the case.
    It’s fortunate indeed that Biden’s handlers are taking steps to remove the nuclear launch codes from his control. Their fraudulent attempt to explain this action to prevent Joe Biden from being able to start a nuclear strike on the necessity of removing this power from the Commander-in Chief shows how warped the Democrats are who are manipulating a senile old man who attained the presidency through massive voter fraud.

  2. The Democratic Circus continues. The calliope is playing at full blast. Liberals have buried their heads in the music. The rest of America weeps as the three rings’ performers amaze the adoring crowds. And the Americans on the outside wonder when the big tent will collapse and bury the whole calamity. WAKE UP AMERICA!


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