Biden’s DOJ Targets Another GOP State With Lawsuit Over Anti-Illegal Alien Efforts

(Republican Party News) – The invasion of the United States by illegal aliens who are entering at our southern border, which is wide open, continues to cause major concerns among American citizens as crime rates skyrocket and resources continue to be greatly depleted. The Biden administration is, once again, doing absolutely nothing to help solve the problem by securing the border, building a wall, and deporting illegals back to their country of origin.

As a result of the lack of action, many states along the border have decided to take matters into their own hands, employing a number of tactics to try and discourage illegal aliens from entering the country and overwhelming their communities. This is not sitting well with Biden and his ilk, as they have now launched two new lawsuits against states who have been working on anti-illegal immigration legislation.

Fox News reports, “The Department of Justice has written to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and Attorney General Gentner Drummond about HB 4156 — legislation that makes it a state crime to be in the state illegally and gives local law enforcement the ability to arrest illegal immigrants, and require them to leave the state within 72 hours following conviction or release from custody.”

“The law was signed by Stitt this month and is due to go into force on July 1. It is similar to laws passed and signed into law in Iowa and Texas — and those laws have subsequently both been hit by lawsuits from the DOJ, which argues that it infringes on federal authority over immigration law and enforcement. The Texas law is currently on hold amid the ongoing lawsuit there,” Fox said.

“HB 4156 is preempted by federal law and violates the United States Constitution,” Principal Deputy Assistant AG Brian Boynton wrote in a letter sent to Oklahoma officials. “Indeed, the Oklahoma law is similar to Texas’s Senate Bill 4, which has been preliminarily enjoined.”

Boynton made the case that Congress has put into place a “comprehensive scheme governing noncitizens’ entry and reentry into the United States, including penalties for unlawful entry and reentry.”

“HB 4156, however, seeks to create a separate state immigration scheme by imposing state criminal penalties for violating the federal prohibitions on unlawful entry and reentry. HB 4156 therefore intrudes into a field that is occupied by the federal government and is preempted,” he explained.

“The United States intends to file suit to enjoin the enforcement of HB 4156 unless Oklahoma agrees to refrain from enforcing the law. The United States is committed to the processing of noncitizens consistent with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). HB 4156 is contrary to that goal,” Boynton added.

The Lone Star State (Texas) passed a law of its own that officially made illegal immigration a crime in 2022. Several other states have followed suit including Iowa and Oklahoma. Unfortunately, a similar legal measure was slapped down in Arizona thanks to the governor using veto power. However, a new effort has arisen to get the bill on the ballot in November and allow voters to decide its fate.

“Oklahoma responded to the DOJ threat days later, with AG Drummond promising to “vigorously defend” the law if the administration sues, while blaming the Biden administration for the crisis at the southern border,” the Fox article revealed.

“Your misguided demands ignore that Oklahoma has not only the sovereign right, but also the solemn legal obligation, to protect its own borders and its own citizens,” Drummond remarked.

“Acquiescence to this intolerable situation is not in my state’s DNA; neither is surrender,” he commented, adding, “As such, HB 4156 represents a meaningful, common-sense, and legally permissible step toward addressing and correcting that which the Biden Administration has willfully refused to enforce the last 3.5 years.”

All of this in-fighting could easily be avoided if Biden and Democrats weren’t obsessed with allowing illegals to enter the country in order to puff up voter rolls and mess around with demographics so they can get additional representation. Treat people like actual people and not just votes.

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