Biden’s Fiery Exchange With Reporter Goes Viral – ‘Did You Fall On Your Head?!’

(Republican Party News) – The not-so-Dynamic Duo of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris paid a visit to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, on Wednesday where they were launching a new campaign initiative designed to pull black voters back to the Democratic Party. A lot of individuals in that particular demographic have been leaving the left as their eyes are being opened to the fact that liberals subjugate them to philosophical and ideological slavery, keeping them chained to the Democratic plantation through the use of entitlement programs, instead of treating them like the valuable human beings they are.

It’s always about the votes with Democrats. They use minorities to gain power, keep hold of it, and line their pockets by making empty promises of relief and help that they have no intention of following through on. Now, the black community is showing that it’s had enough.

As per The Western Journal writer George C. Upper III, “The plan — creatively named ‘Black Voters for Biden Harris’– comes as polling indicates Biden’s support among black voters has plummeted since his inauguration, according to Philadelphia’s WCAU. On the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport, Biden and a number of state and local dignitaries stopped for a photo op and to take a few questions from reporters.”

One of the questions the president was asked by a reporter got under his very thin, very old skin, causing the bitter, cranky old man within to emerge.

“President Biden, will you be serving your full four-year term or handing over power to Vice President Harris?” the unidentified journalist with a total spine of steel asked the president.

Of course, Biden didn’t answer the question, which was plain and straightforward. Instead, he opted to attack the individual who asked it.

“Are you OK? Are you all right?” Biden asked, pointing to his head to insinuate the reporter was off his rocker. “You’re not hurt are you? I said are you OK?”

“Did you fall on your head or something?” he snapped, concluding his interaction with the journalist. The president then turned from the gaggle of reporters and meandered away.

“WCAU noted that the new push from the Biden campaign to invest in “Black student organizations, community groups and faith centers across the country” came after a March poll showed Biden with 55 percent approval among black adults,” Upper reported. “At the beginning of his term, his approval among that voter group was 94 percent. That’s quite a fall.”

Can you blame the black community for having enough of the garbage being pushed by Democrats? Look at what the policies they’ve implemented have done to them. Heck, what they have done to the entire country. It’s time to reject, in whole, not just in part, the idiotic belief system of the modern-day progressive movement and get back to the timeless, universal principles this nation was founded upon.

“To hear the Biden campaign talk about it, however, you’d think everything was coming up roses, both for Biden’s re-election chances and for black Americans,” the piece stated.

“Today, Team Biden-Harris is launching Black Voters for Biden Harris, a national organizing program to bolster our continued historic investments in outreach to the backbone of the Biden-Harris coalition — Black voters,” a spokesperson for Biden remarked in a statement cited by WCAU.

“These voters were instrumental in electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020, paving the way for the Biden-Harris Administration to deliver a record low Black unemployment rate, Black wealth increased by 60%, more Black Americans with health care coverage than ever before, and billions forgiven in student loan debt that disproportionately impacts Black borrowers,” the statement explained.

Black Americans, like the vast majority of Americans in general, have been slammed by Bidenomics, making life, which is already difficult, even harder to handle. On top of that, we’re far worse off now, just three-and-a-half years after Biden took office, than we were when Trump was calling the shots. That’s the exact opposite of what everyone was promised by Biden in his previous presidential campaign.

Time to send Biden to a retirement home.

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