Biden’s Postal Inspectors Caught Tracking Mail Of 2nd Amendment Advocates

(Republican Party News) – News outlet WND has revealed that the U.S. Postal Service has been busted tracking the communications of 2nd Amendment advocates. Apparently, the Post Office needs a constitutional refresher because I’m pretty sure we have an amendment that has to do with privacy and not searching through people’s things without having a special piece of paper signed by a judge. I think it’s called a “warrant.” Usually, that sort of thing is only done by law enforcement.

According to The Washington Times, the USPS “monitored protesters across the country, snooping on Americans focused on issues involving guns and President Biden’s election.”

“Postal inspectors tracked the actions of gun rights activists gathering in Richmond, Virginia; people preparing to demonstrate against police in Louisville, Kentucky, after an investigation into the police shooting of Breonna Taylor; and far-right groups headed to the District of Columbia after Mr. Biden’s election,” the Times stated.

The details included in the report come from the Cato Institute, which is where Patrick Eddington managed to get the records, though they were heavily redacted, going on to break down the spy program that was being run by postal inspectors between September 2020 all the way through April 2021.

Eddington then described the agenda of the USPS as being able to reach into every American home and business in the United States.

“The Postal Service cannot reliably deliver mail to my own home, yet they can find the money and people to effectively digitally spy at scale, including on Americans engaged in First Amendment-protected activities,” he claimed.

He said that the documents he obtained revealed the USPS possess the ability to track “peaceful armed protests.” Once again the federal government is weaponizing an agency for use against the people of this country. This is why it’s more important now than ever to be involved in the fight for your rights. We have to stand up boldly, legally, peacefully, and let the left know we won’t allow these sort of infractions to continue without individuals being legally held accountable for their actions.

Eddington then said, “Postal inspectors’ social media surveillance also determined that a ‘Million MAGA March’ set for Nov. 14, 2020, would cause traffic delays in the District, Maryland and Virginia and noted that the event had been posted on a ‘conservative forum.'”

Postal inspectors also chatted about what was popping up on social media sites, which included both Parler and Wimkin. The report stated that the “USPS’ response was that its inspectors are federal law enforcement officers responsible for protecting Postal Service workers and customers.”

The USPS inspector general stated that some of the actions taken by the department probably “exceeded the Postal Inspection Service’s law enforcement authority.” I’d say that’s a safe bet to make.

“WND reported only weeks earlier on a report from Chuck DeVore at the Federalist saying the agenda of election interference through the mail has been ‘institutionalized,'” the news outlet proclaimed. What does that mean exactly?

Well, the U.S. Postal Service has already announced a brand new “Election and Government Mail Services” division soon to be set up.

“Starbucks recently asked the National Labor Relations Board to suspend all pending and ongoing votes to unionize at its U.S. stores due to concerns stemming from mail-in ballots. The franchise’s objections once again raise questions about the credibility of election systems that rely on mail-in ballots,” DeVore went on to say, elaborating on his previous comment.

He then added, “but how much more with the American electoral process? With hundreds of millions of dollars of campaign material and increasing numbers of ballots in the mail, postal efficiency and honesty are becoming increasingly vital to free and fair elections.”

It didn’t take long for this move to start raising alarms, mostly because as attorney Marc Elias, who has links to twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton bragged about the new development.

He stated in a post on social media, “U.S. Postal Service creates new dedicated division to handle election mail. The Election and Government Mail Services is part of an effort to effectively deliver mail-in ballots to voters and elections offices in advance of the 2022 midterm elections.”

DeVore continued, “The rationale for this new division is that the growing use of mail-in ballots requires extra attention to ensure the greater volume of mailed ballots can be handled by an increasingly overburdened USPS. The USPS reported it delivered more than 135 million ballots in 2020, with 40 million delivered so far this year during the primaries.”

The radical left continues to ask for mail-in ballots and voting, despite the fact that studies have clearly proven that this strategy is far more susceptible to fraud than in-person ballots.

“Elections conducted by mail have been a longtime goal of Elias and others since long before public health fears over in-person voting during the COVID-19 pandemic,” DeVore added. “It is instructive to note that most European nations found mail-in ballots to be susceptible to fraud and limited their use.”

He then noted that mailed ballots easily allow for a totally different individual to cast it than the voter themselves. DeVore also pointed out that voter ID measures are more difficult to have under these circumstances.

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  1. Progressives don’t want voting security. They wouldn’t win if they couldn’t cheat. I mean, when there are more votes than voters, this is a problem. When dead people remain on the voter rolls, it’s a problem. When people question the results of an election in which there has been lax voter security, they should not be considered to be fascists. When one side complains it’s an issue. If the other side complains, they’re conspiracy theorists. Totally unfair and it needs to change.


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