BLM Now Says Black Communities Are Being ‘Terrorized At A Greater Rate’ With Biden In Office Than Under Trump

(Republican Party News) – Black Lives Matter is now complaining that black communities are under a greater threat with President Joe Biden in office than they were when Donald Trump was in the White House, thus proving there is absolutely no way to satisfy these people.

According to Infowars, the organization recently tweeted out that the individuals and communities they represent are being “terrorized” more under Biden than they were with Trump as the commander-in-chief. Well, like the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side.

In a statement that was posted up on the Black Lives Matter website, the organization went on to refer to police as “violent upholders of white supremacy that have no regard for Black life.” They went on to call for Biden to “end the 1033 program altogether” with the “stroke of a pen.”

So they are basically making the call for Biden to abuse his constitutional authority yet again by creating more executive orders that help bypass Congress in order to make a law.

“While the Law Enforcement Support Office does transfer military surplus equipment to local law enforcement agencies, much of it is not weaponry, rather it consists of things such as ‘coffee makers, electrical wire and cargo containers,’ according to a Washington Post report from last year,” the Infowars report says.

The replies that BLM received on social media for this little post of theirs were pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

This is truly a priceless moment. What, exactly, did the BLM folks think was going to happen when Biden became president? Were they actually under the delusion that somehow this old, crusty white dude was going to suddenly fix all of their “problems?” Seriously?

It seems that no amount of getting what they want will satisfy them. This movement is one that is dead set on consuming everything it comes in contact with, leaving the world a worse place than it was before. It’s just too bad the blind individuals who partner with this organization refuse to see things for what they are.

How much more do they need to witness before they finally say enough is enough?

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