BOMBSHELL: Democrat Charged In Vote-Fraud Scheme Tied To ‘2000 Mules’ Probe

(Republican Party News) – According to a new report from WND, a woman from Arizona has now been charged with using her status as a well-known operative for the Democratic Party to take part in an alleged ballot-trafficking scheme during the 2020 presidential election that was featured in the documentary film “2000 Mules.”

The woman, Guillermina Fuentes (pictured here), 66, was once the mayor of San Luis, Arizona, and also served as a member of the Gadsden Elementary School Board. Fuentes was scheduled to make an appearance before a court Thursday to enter her plea on charges of ballot abuse, conspiracy and forgery, according to a report from the Associated Press.

WND also reported that her co-defendant has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and is now awaiting sentencing.

So it seems the documentary film, directed by Dinesh D’Souza, is having a huge and very positive impact on our election system by helping to root out frauds who tried to undermine the will of the American people through dirty schemes designed to help Biden and other Democrats get elected to powerful positions in government.

“Ballot abuse is the practice known as ‘ballot harvesting,’ which Arizona made illegal under a 2016 law. The crime is a felony punishable by up to two years in prison and a $150,000 fine,” the report said. “The charges against Fuentes stemmed from a hidden-camera investigation by Arizona state Senate candidate Gary Snyder and San Luis activist David Lara, whose work was highlighted in ‘2000 Mules.'”

“‘2000 Mules’ is based on a lengthy investigation by True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht, and data analyst and election intelligence expert Gregg Phillips using cellphone location data and surveillance video. As Engelbrecht told WND in a video interview, they uncovered what they describe as a highly coordinated operation in key battleground states carried out by left-wing groups that collected mail-in ballots and paid “mules” to stuff them in unattended drop boxes, typically in the middle of the night,” the WND report stated.

Engelbrecht and Phillips presented evidence Tuesday that was gathered during their investigation to legislators in Arizona, as well as meeting with the state Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

The Associated Press also reported on the hearing held Tuesday, going on to describe Engelbrecht and Phillips as “election conspiracy theorists,” though they didn’t specifically name the two individuals.

“The wire service quoted Yuma Republican state Rep. Tim Dunn saying: ‘It’s all about corruption in San Luis and skewing a city council election. This has been going on for a long time, that you can’t have free and fair elections in south county, for decades. And it’s spreading across the country,” WND reported.

“The Gateway Pundit previously reported that in connection with the Yuma County probe, police served warrants and searched the home of an employee at a San Luis non-profit called Comité De Bien Estar, Gloria Torres,” WND added.

A report published by the Arizona Republic also reported on the police search, revealing that the non-profit’s executive director is chairman of the Yuma County board of supervisors. The paper then went on to say that the warrant sought the cell phone of a councilwoman from San Luis who might have been involved in illegal ballot collection.

Let’s hope more of these individuals are caught and held accountable for trying to destroy the integrity of our election system.

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  1. It just goes to show how low the demon-rats will go. They lie, cheat, steal, sneak around like sewer rats in the night. I don’t trust them as far as I could throw them and I’m just shy of 66 and have never seen anything this bad in my life and I thought I had seen it all! God, please help us and help our country.

  2. Throw the net out and catch them….jail um all!!!!!!!! Get the mail stream media demo’s out of the way!!!!
    Before mid-terms as they will be out in force then….crack down on every one of them!!!!
    Book um Dan-o….


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