BOMBSHELL: Elections Expert Reveals National Fraud Numbers — 8.1 Million Excess Votes, Proves Trump Won Majority Of Key Battleground States

(Republican Party News) – Elections Expert Seth Keshel, who is a retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst, officially released a report that reveals the final national fraud numbers over the weekend, and man is this thing full of bombshells.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Keshel went on to examine the final vote counts in every single state and compared them to the estimated numbers based on changing state dynamics and the various trends that tend to come up with his estimated voter fraud numbers in each state.

His results were then published on his Telegram page. The results of the report confirm that President Donald Trump actually won PA, MI, WI, AZ, GA, MN, and NV.

The report also discusses how cyber-flipping might have been responsible for negatively impacting election results in New Mexico, Virginia, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.

According to the investigation that Keshel carried out, there were around 8,144,000 excess votes for Joe Biden that were recorded during the 2020 presidential election (screen shot here).

“Here is a tale of the tape for Excess Biden Votes based on trend analysis in the modern political era, considering population growth/decline, recent voter history, and registration information, including registration by party,” Keshel’s report said.

“My estimates are always lenient, and do not account for cyber flipping of votes,” he continued. “Trump won: PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA, MN.”

The report also revealed that the races in WA, OR, RI, CT, HI were far closer than we were led to believe.

A lot of these findings line up well with the Arizona forensic audit that’s been going on for the last several months. In fact, according to WND, the audit team in the state actually found 74,000 ballot discrepancies connected with mail-in voting.

“It was during a Senate hearing to listen to the auditors, from Cyber Ninjas, the company hired for the review, which revealed that, according to election records, more mail-in ballots were counted than were mailed out,” the report went on to say.

“A lot more. In fact, 74,243 ballots were counted for which there is no corresponding record that they were mailed out,” it continues. “Officials for the company explained the scenario to the Senate hearing.”

Officials who work for the Cyber Ninjas company stated there were also 3,981 people who voted in the election who were actually registered to vote after October 15, which was the deadline for registration. There were a whopping 11,326 people who cast a ballot that were not even on the rolls on November 7, but were on December 4.

A staggering 18,000 folks voted, but were then removed from rolls after the election was over.

There’s been a ton of evidence come to the surface that proves the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats. What we are all wondering now is whether or not these individuals will be facing the consequences for engaging in this kind of behavior?

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  1. You need to make this shareable, the fake news isn’t going to announce it…..the only people who will know are the Republicans.

  2. The Obama Mantra at work.. Nothing to see here, the massed are too stupid to understand it’s for there own good !

    Of course Trump won. Thats why the dems are afraid of an audit ! How’s it feel that you can no longer elect your own president !

  3. It’s past time for the highest court in the land to stand up and do the right thing for America. Justices need to stop protecting themselves and be a patriot save our nation to include their own children and grandchildren????????

  4. Duh ! It’s about time someone pulled their Head out from where the S__ D______ S____ ! And U can BLAME it all on Beijing Joe and he’s Administration and Peloski aka Pollack aka Pelosi and her Demo Demons of the House and the Senate Deplorable and Deranged Democratic Socialist Party.

  5. Beijing Joe O’ biden didn’t win anything but a Swift kick in
    the A$$. Beijing Joe Stole the 2020 Election from the still
    POTUS Donald J.Trump which is still the Duly Elected POTUS.
    Beijing Joe is Only the PRETENDING president and Knee Pad’s Harris as boy Joey’s Pretending vp with No Brains just Knee Pad’s

  6. So, now what??!!!
    We ALL KNOW the Truth.
    But, this Biden Admin can not be undone. The 2020 election will stand. But we damn well better win in 2022 and 2024 and we better make sure these elections are correct and that every single vote is LEGAL.
    Hopefully, Biden’s damage to the USA can be undone. If an Amnesty is Granted I highly Doubt that can ever be undone. And just think about all the Chain Migration that will bring. Maybe we can get a law to Stop Chain Migration be it destroys the USA.

  7. The proof was there long before inauguration day but the demonRATS and msm covered it up. I can’t remember the person that ran the algorithms then but he said it was impossible that PRESIDENT TRUMP lost the election. My Mother used to say thee who protest too much is guilty. And the demonRATS have been protesting the audits right at the starting gate, therefore they are guilty. Nothing will be done to the thieves that stole the election after all they were doing it for the demonRATS.

  8. Trump needs to be reinstated immediately and every one of those responsible for the fraud, stripped of “”all their assets””, and put in prison for the rest of their life!! Soros, the Biden family, Obama’s Clintons, Pelosi, Shummer, Schiff, and “ALL THE REST”! Trump should assume “”permanent residence”” in the White House for all the “”corruption”” that’s resulted in the “election fraud”!! Round up all the illegals, start rebuilding the military, do away with all this “gay, woke agenda”, open schools, government buildings, churches, ban masks & vaccines, & “get America back on track”!! If we wait til 2022, there won’t be an America left. Pray for healing in our land.


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