BOMBSHELL: See The Leaked DOD Database Showing US Military Illness Skyrocketing From Covid Jab

(Republican Party News) – According to a new report from Infowars, a video, which has now gone viral, has been compiled featuring the military’s very own Defense Medical Epidemiology Database revealing that vaccine-induced side effects within the DoD’s ranks, which include cancers and miscarriages, have gone through the roof.

The database in question was referenced by lawyer Thomas Renz during a panel discussion that was held by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson a week ago called, “COVID-19: A Second Opinion.”

“During the panel, Renz stated via three whistleblowers that post-vaccination miscarriages and cancers were up 300 percent over a year, and that neurological disorders had increased ten-fold among DOD personnel,” the report said.

“I have declarations from all three [that] this data is under penalty of perjury. We intend to submit this to the courts,” Renz went on to tell Johnson.

Renz then described, “We have substantial data showing that we saw for example miscarriages increased by 300 percent over the five-year average almost. We saw almost 300 percent in cancer over the five-year average…We saw – this one’s amazing – so, neurological issues which would affect our pilots, over a thousand percent increase.”

A breakdown of the video, which was produced by a military whistleblower group known as Terminal CWO, which says they are made up of active duty Chief Warrant Officers, supports the claims made by Renz that adverse reactions from the coronavirus vaccine are rising since the rollout of the jab.

“As explained by the video’s narrator, the DMED is similar to VAERS in that it documents adverse reactions, except that it pertains only to DOD personnel and ‘only medical providers can input information into the system,'” the report said.

Screenshots (here and here), which were provided by the group mentioned above, reveal an increase of 269 percent in acute myocardial infarctions, also known as heart attacks. There was also a 175 percent increase in cases of acute pericarditis.

There was a 285 percent increase in acute myocarditis (screenshot here).

And a 467 percent increase in pulmonary embolisms (screenshot here).

There was a 1,175 percent increase in disseminated intravascular coagulation (screenshot here).

A 590 percent increase in HIV cases (screenshot here).

A 1,529 percent increase in chest pain reports (screenshot here).

And a 905 percent increase in dyspnea, or difficulty breathing (screenshot here).

“The video also shows startling increases in other illnesses, including neurological issues such as Bell’s Palsy and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, menstrual issues, a 306% increase in spontaneous abortions, or miscarriages, and a near 300% increase in neoplasms (cancers),” the report stated (screenshot here).

This is exactly why so many members of the military are fighting back against the vaccine mandate, like a group of Navy SEALs who recently experienced a major victory in the battle for medical freedom.

According to this report, Navy SEALs who were seeking religious exemptions to the vaccine, were thrilled when a federal district court judge granted a preliminary injunction against the enforcement of the Department of Defense’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.

“A group of 35 Navy Special Warfare servicemembers filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden back in November 2021 which stated the directive which said they must get vaccinated or face a potential court martial or involuntary separation from the military that is a violation of their First Amendment right of religious liberty, as well as violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993,” the report stated.

“Texas-based Judge Reed O’Connor stated in his order that RFRA provides the, ‘Government may substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion only if it demonstrates that application of the burden to the person—(1) is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest; and (2) is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest,'” the report said.

Let’s hope for more victories like this in the future in order to protect our military members from the harsh side effects of this experimental vaccine.

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