BOMBSHELL: White House Alters Its Transcript To Cover For Kamala’s ‘Stupidity’

(Republican Party News) – It should seem pretty obvious to anyone who has been paying attention that Kamala Harris, the woman who currently occupies the office of Vice President, has the intelligence level equal to a single-celled amoeba.

But for those who aren’t a firm believer in the absolute lack of brain power Harris possesses, a new report from WND has revealed that the White House actually altered a transcript of a speech recently delivered by the vice president after she wrongly stated that Ukraine is part of the NATO alliance.

In short, it’s not.

Not only is that just plain wrong, but the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO is one of the main reasons that Russia allegedly launched their invasion of the country in the first place. This seems to reveal that Harris doesn’t know any of the most important facts concerning the conflict going on there, which she’s specifically been tasked to handle.

Robert Spencer recently penned a column at PJMedia pointing out the correction to Harris’ comments.

She then stated, “The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance.”

Later on in the transcript, the White House posted that she stated, “The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people [and] in defense of the NATO alliance.”

Spencer, who went on to label Harris’ flub as “stupidity,” went on to explain, “You heard it. I heard it. The whole world heard it. Even CNN reported it. … At the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee in Washington on Saturday, Kamala Harris said: ‘The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance.'”

Spencer then said, “Now, Ukraine is not actually in NATO, and so standing firmly with the Ukrainian people would not actually be an act in defense of the NATO alliance, and of all people, the person pretending to be vice president of the United States should know that. So over at, the ever-helpful anonymous wonks who record every august word and deed of the socialists, clowns, puppets, freaks, and saboteurs responsible for this period of American misrule knew that they had to do something to prevent the American people from realizing just how oblivious and out of touch our putative vice president really is.”

“Voilà! Now it has her saying: ‘The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people [and] in defense of the NATO Alliance,'” he added.

The writer then noted the use of the brackets means that the “White House gremlins are tacitly admitting that she didn’t really say it. But the correction itself reduces an obvious revelation that the ostensible vice president is woefully ignorant of the basic things every public official should know to a simple slip of the tongue. She meant to say ‘and’ and didn’t; that’s all, MAGA rubes! Haven’t you ever had something come out the wrong way?”

Folks, this is a woman who is in a position of great power in our nation, that has been entrusted by our current commander-in-chief, who is likely a French fry short of a full Happy Meal, to handle a delicate situation that potentially puts us on the cusp of World War III.

If that doesn’t terrify you, what will?

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  1. This Kamala woman is a more than a few cards short of a new deck of playing cards. I mean does anyone exist that thinks otherwise since she and Quid Pro Quo VOTER FRAUD Joe were installed as POTUS and VP?

    • Beijing Joe is the Pretending President with Camel Hairless as his Pretending VP. The Only way that Pertaining President
      Joey R.O’biden and Camel Hairless ever become Pretending President and Pretending VP was to have Venezuela and China (CCP) stepping in and Flasify and Rigged Voting Machines and let ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Vote in a FRAUDULENT Election in 2020 . Lol !

  2. A decently groomed appearance and a glib, mirror-rehearsed personality are characteristics that too many mediocre narcissists come to recognize at some point in their shallow lives as licenses to schmooze their way into federal, state and local politics. Is it any wonder, then, why the most well-reasoned and constitutionally principled national democracy in the history of mankind sees such an overabundance of self-obsessed actor types routinely grinning, sputtering and cheek-pinching their way through government? The Quid Pro Joe and Cackling Kamala types have legal rights to hold their offices and even to discourage requests to examine the corrupt 2020 election frauds that brought them to power. Still, voters have a genuine obligation to educate themselves about these shallow excuses for leaders and to eliminate such mistakes in the future. If that doesn’t happen, then America and consequently the world are doomed to end much sooner than we might interpret from Biblical and even secular prophecy.


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