Border Patrol Agent Gives Dire Warning: ‘No One Is Coming To Protect You’

(Republican Party News) – Three years into President Joe Biden’s term in the White House and our southern border is wide open with millions of illegal aliens flooding into the country. Biden doesn’t seem to be concerned with the spike in crime happening in major cities, nor the massive drain these individuals are placing on our already limited resources. All he and the rest of his cronies care about is boosting the population to get additional representatives and more votes by pushing illegals through places that do not require individuals to present identification at the polls.

And things are getting much worse it seems.

According to a report from Julio Rosas at Blaze Media, a Border Patrol agent is speaking out anonymously, holding a conversation with NewsNation where he shed light on how awful things really are along the border. And he doesn’t believe the situation is going to improve anytime soon. So, folks who live in this region of the country, enjoy the invasion.

“The agent gave the interview anonymously, with NewsNation casting him in a shadow and changing his voice in order to protect his identity so the Department of Homeland Security does not punish him for speaking out,” the piece disclosed.

“[What] don’t ordinary Americans understand about the border?” reporter Ali Bradley asked the agent.

“The biggest thing is that we do not control the border. The cartel controls the border. Everything that we do is a reaction to things that they have planned. Usually we’re chasing around pawns while the kings and queens are doing whatever they want,” the agent responded.

“Bradley then asked about the seriousness of the threat posed to Americans by so many people illegally entering the country. The agent said the threat to American citizens is ‘absolutely’ real,” he added.

“These huge give up groups that we’re getting, you know, the media is only reporting what they can report on, right? Which is, statistically speaking, a small percentage of the actual bad guys that we’re catching. The really good ones, we will never catch. … Our border is by no means secure,” he stated.

“No one is coming. No one is coming to protect you,” the agent then warned.

The invasion of illegals along the southern border has also devastated our economy, as cities and states have been forced to spend millions of dollars — from hard working taxpayers — in order to provide care for those who have opted to disrespect our laws and waltz in without an invitation.

A brand new case coming out of Florida has revealed how releasing folks into our country, with court dates scheduled for years in the future, has proven to be a complete disaster.

“A Guatemalan illegal alien who was caught at the border in January and then released into the U.S. with a 2027 court date was arrested for allegedly kidnapping an 11-year-old girl from in front of her home, pulling her into a van, and raping her in the town of Lake Worth Beach. The girl was saved after her mother went looking for her and banged on the van while calling for help,” Rosas wrote.

We need Trump to be the next president. His plan for dealing with this crisis will bring it to a swift end. And the beauty of it is, it’s simple. Build a wall, enforce the law. Send illegals back to their country of origin. Boom. Crime rates drop and the strain on our economy is lessened.

That’s a whole lot of winning.

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