BREAKING: 103 US Marines Discharged For Refusing Vaccine

(Republican Party News) – There’s a lot of things that are making Americans angry with the Biden administration, the biggest factor being the draconian measures being taken to try and force all Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine, despite the fact there’s been very little testing done concerning long term side effects and all of the bad reactions and deaths that have occurred since the rollout of the jab.

Well, we now have something else to be angry about, as a total of 103 United States Marines were discharged on Thursday for refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine, according to a report from The Gateway Pundit.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin gave until the end of November for Marines to get the shots or get kicked out. The Pentagon started kicking Marines to the curb on Thursday for daring to think for themselves and make their own healthcare decisions.

You know, what’s the point of signing up for the military and fighting to preserve “freedom” if that freedom no longer extends to healthcare decisions?

A new report from ABC News said, “One hundred three Marines have been discharged for refusing to take the COVID vaccine, the Marine Corps said Thursday, as the military services have begun to discharge a pool of possibly as many as 30,000 active duty service members who still refuse to be vaccinated — even after multiple opportunities to do so past vaccination deadlines.”

“The military services quickly set up their own deadline dates and warned service members that they could face being discharged unless they were vaccinated, which is in line with the Pentagon’s stance that choosing to remain unvaccinated is a violation of a lawful order from Austin,” ABC News’ report continued.

“While the percentage of vaccinated active duty personnel in each service is at 95% or higher, the number of unvaccinated personnel is close to 30,000,” the report said.

On Monday, the Air Force discharged 27 people for refusing to take the shots. And that’s not all. A commander in the Navy was also booted from his job as the executive officer of a warship due to his refusal to comply with the COVID mandate.

“Commander Lucian Kins was fired last Friday as second in command of the USS Winston Churchill, Navy officials said,” the report noted.

And now, the Pentagon is mulling over a new mandate that would require all active service members to get a booster shot for the illness.

This is absurd.

Many of these individuals have been highly trained for critical positions within the armed services, which makes them difficult to replace. Lots of U.S. tax dollars have gone into these individuals and it’s all being wasted while their rights are simultaneously being stripped away.

Fortunately, some folks are fighting back.

According to this report, “Now, over 30 members of the US Navy, including several elite Navy SEALs, have filed a lawsuit against key members of the Biden regime for denying them exemptions based on their religious objections to Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate.”

The lawsuit was filed in a U.S. District Court and contends that the current administration has violated the rights of the unnamed Navy members, which includes 26 SEALs, 5 Navy Special Warfare crewmen, and 3 divers, by rejecting the Constitutionally-protected right to freedom of religion these individuals possess.

“The list of defendants include Joe Biden himself, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro and the US Department of Defense,” the report says.

“The lawsuit asserts that the servicemen experienced retaliation and intimidation by the Navy after refusing to submit to the unconstitutional vaccine mandate despite filing religious exemptions,” the report continues.

One of the main issues the plaintiffs in the lawsuit have with the vaccines on the market is the fact they were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, which they say violates their sincerely held religious belief that abortion is murder.

And it is, by the way, just for anyone who might have been wondering.

The bottom line is that there should be no vaccine mandate for anyone, military or not. Someone should not be forced to take a shot if they don’t want it. Something like this used to be common sense, but unfortunately, common sense isn’t really that common any more.

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  1. They joined because they Love their Country.
    They Love their Country because of the Freedoms that it insures.
    The refused the “vaccine”, because of their concern about its safety.
    They still LOVE their Country, but they WILL HAVE the FREEDOMS this Country Insures to ALL AMERICANS.
    Coercion is NOT Freedom.
    The two can not coexist!


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