BREAKING: Biden Afghan Refugee Convicted Of Molesting 3-Year-Old Girl

(Republican Party News) – According to a report from Western Journal, a federal jury has convicted a refugee who came to the United States during President Joe Biden’s disastrous troop withdrawal from Afghanistan of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl in a refugee camp located in Virginia.

The Associated Press is reporting that Mohammed Tariq, 24, has been convicted of sexually molesting the young girl in the location where refugees were being housed at Camp Upshur on Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Information from the Department of Justice revealed that a U.S. Marine observed Tariq “inappropriately touching the victim over her clothing, on her chest, genitals, and buttocks.”

“Court documents show that Tariq, who was allowed to emigrate for having worked with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, defended himself by claiming that molesting children is part of his ‘culture,’ the AP reported,” the WJ said.

And this is why the firing squad should be considered a perfectly legal and fully functional method of executing certain kinds of guilty offenders.

“After claiming that his actions are acceptable in Afghan culture, he then asked the judge to block his testimony from being made public,” the report said.

The judge completely shot down his request and the absolutely deplorable defense of his actions got Tariq nowhere with the jury.

“People who come to our country seeking haven from tyranny and terrorism deserve to live here in safety,” Jessica D. Aber, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, went on to say.

“I want to thank the Marines and the FBI for their commitment to upholding that ideal. It is the resilience and courage of the victim and her family in speaking out against this offender that is truly emblematic of the contributions refugees and immigrants make to our country,” she continued.

Tariq will be sentenced for his crime on April 26. The maximum sentence he could have slapped on him is life in prison.

“In August 2021, the Biden administration opted to pull out of Afghanistan. The bungled ordeal resulted in billions of dollars worth of American military equipment left behind, several hundred Americans stranded in the country and the immediate takeover of the nation by the Taliban,” the report continued.

This whole situation is yet more proof that Biden failed to vet the thousands of Afghan refugees that he allowed to climb aboard U.S. planes during the chaos of the troop withdrawal. And an innocent child has suffered the consequences for his disgusting failure.

“Indeed, last September, there were reports of several Afghan men presenting rape and sexual abuse victims who were teen and pre-teen girls as their ‘wives’ as they entered our country,” the report noted.

These men were discovered at Fort McCoy located in the state of Wisconsin after having boarded planes in Abu Dhabi in the wake of the troop withdrawal.

“Intake staff at Fort McCoy reported multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families,” a document reporting the incidents pointed out, the AP stated at the time.

Even more sickening is the fact that several of the Afghani men claimed to have multiple teenage girls as their “wives.”

The lack of vetting in this situation is disturbing. Not only has the lack of this process allowed sex offenders to come into the country, but sex traffickers and radical Islamists too.

It has totally compromised our national security and it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to do anything about it.

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