BREAKING — CBS Whistleblower Comes Forward, Exposes Depraved Diversity Training (Video)

(Republican Party News) – A new report from Infowars has revealed that a whistleblower at CBS has come forward to investigative journalists working for Project Veritas with undercover footage of colleagues and other corporate partners doing what we all know they’ve been doing for awhile, which is pushing a specific political ideology over actual, objective journalism.

Brett Mauser, a CBS San Antonio Promotions Producer, put together a package of footage featuring his networking bringing folks like CKT Cultural Strategies’ Multicultural Competency Trainer Christina Karaoli Taylor in to help train journalists working for the network in the issue of diversity.

“Much of what we’re gonna talk about today is going to center around the main code of ethics of journalism. And a couple things — during this workshop and throughout your day, I challenge you to stop thinking in terms of objective journalism. We’ll discuss why that’s not really feasible anymore. But [think] in terms of accuracy, fairness, and transparency — always striving for objectivity is not feasible,” Taylor said in the footage.

Mauser then explained to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe that the diversity programs are “about pushing an agenda.”

“It feels almost threatening, doesn’t it?” he said to O’Keefe during their conversation. “Teaching journalists at a national level, ‘Don’t be objective.’ To me, that was what journalism always was: to be objective. In my mind, if journalism is not objective, it’s not journalism — it’s propaganda.”

“This mindset has been able to grow and infect what was supposed to be the fourth pillar of society. The journalists are supposed to be our watch dogs. They’re the ones that are supposed to be protecting us from tyranny and supposed to be going out there and finding out and giving us the truth,” he continued.

“I would tell people — my friends, family — you can’t trust the news. ‘You’re being manipulated. Well, how do you know? I work in the news!’” he added.

“Chief Diversity Officer Grady Tripp of Tegna, the parent company of CBS San Antonio and Houston, was also recorded telling employees to follow political ideology rather than journalistic practices,” the Infowars report said.

“At this point, if you’re not listening to a podcast, or looking at a video, or reading any of the information that’s out as far as equality and social justice and race, you don’t care…The other thing is we’re going to be holding stations accountable, right? We’re going to be holding stations accountable because we know it’s important to the organization. KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] are going to change, right? KPIs are going to reflect diversity and inclusion from a representation standpoint,” Tripp stated.

CBS San Antonio released a response to the videos put together by Mauser doubled down by saying they “will continue” their “inclusivity” program.

“A journalist’s job is to present the truth and report the facts, not cater to opinions. Our inclusivity program makes our journalism stronger, particularly for communities that have not been well-served by our industry. We will continue this important work,” the statement read.

“KENS CBS5 is an affiliate station of CBS that is owned by Tegna Inc, which is one of the nation’s largest media conglomerates that owns 64 local radio and television stations across 51 different markets in the US. They have direct access into about 39% of American households through their vast network, and according to their website, they produce ‘trusted, impactful, and innovative’ content that ‘helps bring positive change to their communities, but as O’Keefe points out, ‘changes are going on within Tegna and they aren’t all positive,” a report from Gateway Pundit said.

“KENS5 called Mauser’s whistleblower statements a “misunderstanding of what diversity and equity in a newsroom means” and egregiously blamed him, and others like him, for their “lack of understanding” that the station says necessitates this type of woke training in the first place – how convenient,” the report continued.

Folks, you have to verify the information you’re being fed by the mainstream media. They don’t care about the money anymore. They care about pushing the message. In fact, these outlets believe in the message. All of them share the same twisted leftist vision for the future of this country that radicals in the government and in the culture have.

Be careful who you listen to.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. Nothing more than verification of what we’ve all known for at least the past 10-15 years. Actual objective and unbiased journalism is long dead. Today’s Liberal media putzes are nothing more than stooges for the propaganda apparatus of the Liberal Left.

  2. MSM is becoming a state owned set of networks that only broadcast what they “feel” and not what is the truth. If I am not mistaken, aren’t Communist countries having their “news” stations report what they want them to report for the “good” of their country? This admin is striving to take us to that point and frankly I don’t want to go there.


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