BREAKING: Five Michigan Counties Risk Breaking Federal Law And Cease And Desist Orders By Erasing 2020 Election Data From Their Voting Machines

(Republican Party News) – In some states, elected officials have stepped up to the plate and demanded audits and investigations into the fraudulent 2020 election. Arizona is all but finished with their historic audit of Maricopa County, Republicans in Pennsylvania and Georgia are moving forward to initiate audits, and even the great state of Texas is calling for audits.

Then there’s Michigan. Five counties in Michigan are spitting in Americans’ faces. An exclusive report by the Gateway Pundit has revealed that these five counties are allegedly planning to move forward with guidance from the state which will result in all activities on voting machines being erased.

They’re reportedly moving forward with the state guidance despite Cease and Desist orders that have mailed out to all counties in the state.

Not only did they receive Cease and Desist orders but federal law requires information related to the 2020 election to be maintained and kept safe for 22 months after the election. We’re nowhere near 22 months post-election.

Nonetheless, five counties appear to be perfectly fine with violating federal law and Cease and Desist orders to protect the fraudulent election and continue to promote distrust among Americans in our elections.

The Gateway Pundit received this information from Twitter user Kagbro88 who claims the counties have said they are moving ahead with the guidance from the state to remove the batteries in the machines.

Removing the batteries in the machines would also remove all the memory from the machines. Why is this necessary other than to intentionally wipe out the information on the machines so that no future audits or investigations could possibly find any evidence of election fraud.

Can’t find evidence of voter fraud if there’s no evidence at all. What a sad state of affairs in Michigan.

Midland and Manistee Counties are two of the counties moving forward with the state’s request.

Lake County says they are waiting for their attorney’s opinion while Dickinson is moving ahead with the “maintenance.”

Iron County is planning on going ahead with the state’s request as well.

TGP points out that not only will removing the batteries remove all the machines’ memory but it will also cause the machines to be out of compliance which will mean they will have to be recertified in order to be used again.

If the taxpayers and US citizens residing in Michigan want to see an audit then it’s the responsibility of their elected officials to make that happen.

There is absolutely no good reason for these counties to be taking this action aside from intentionally concealing election fraud.

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  1. Have the results DECERTIFIED and REINSTATE POTUS Trump as rightful President. One Enlightened Patriot. Oh, and DON’T forget to throw in FEDERAL PRISON those who ERASED the voting machines!Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – (MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. That’s what you do when you have something to hide!!! Compliments of that communist Bitch Gretchn Whitmer! Ok for me but not thee. I hope everyone’s can see how a socialist operates. Vote out all Democrats, or recall them!

    • Completely agree with you Rob. They are afraid and KNOW that you can and will uncover the fraud that was down in their State by allowing them to do a forensic audit so they simply destroy the evidence. That USED TO BE against the law and would send you to prison for years. We need to bring back honesty in the Government.

  3. Why is it so difficult to see that the only identifying means to register and to vote is a birth certificate certified by the state of a persons birth. Period. it used to be so simple before the socialists democrats could only win an election by cheating and by fraudulent means, that was developed and put into practice by former President obama and his atty general Eric holder. They did this to ensure the socialists would win all elections in the future by declaring open borders and for the foreigners from open borders to use any means of identification to show they were residents, could drive, were going to school, had a job where they might or not be paying taxes, income and/or social security so they could collect SS payments later and taxes so they could receive any and all U.S. benefits like employment, medical, education, food stamps, housing alotments and others that they never paid into nor earned and freedoms and rights they don’t deserve and didn’t militarily fight for to protect those rights. That is why the Constitution has been written as the rule of law in the U.S. by our founders to ensure that only citizens could vote because they earned that right.

  4. We need a Federal elections law which requires biometric ID to vote in a Federal election. When I take a load of scrap metal to the recycling center, I have to provide a thumbprint. Many people use a thumbprint to unlock their phone. This is not rocket surgery, people.


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