BREAKING: Former Clinton Pollster Gives Kamala Harris Bad News

(Republican Party News) – Kamala Harris has proven to the country she is one of the most disingenuous, fake people ever to be in politics and that says a lot considering most politicians are pretty two-faced.

Her incessant cackling in awkward moments, nonsense rambling, inability to handle serious situations appropriately and her incredibly inappropriate tone with international diplomats has not only been embarrassing for herself and the US but has also proven that the Biden-Harris ticket has been an utter and complete disaster.

Yet, somehow, Harris believes that she’ll be on the ticket in 2024 along with the aging and incompetent Biden. These people are so out of touch, it is palpable.

During a sit-down interview with CNN’s Dana Bash that aired Monday, Harris declared her prediction that Biden would run again in 2024 and that she would be his “ticket mate.”

Unfortunately, this idea doesn’t seem to be too popular with Democratic voters.

According to a polling expert who spoke on Fox News Tuesday, the support is just not there for Biden, or Harris for that matter.

“I think underscoring all this is if you ask Democratic voters, who would they vote for in a Democratic primary for president, only about 30 percent would pick President Biden, which is unprecedented in nature,” pollster Mark Penn told Fox News’ Dana Perino on “America’s Newsroom.”

“So I think there are some real polling facts underscoring what you see developing here. Look, I think any president before a midterm has got to maintain, steadfastly, that he’s running, and then really take a look at it after the midterm.

“I personally don’t think he’ll wind up running.”

Most people don’t think Biden will end up running. How could he? The first half of his so-called presidency has been an outright disaster marred by one manufactured crisis after another. On top of that, Biden is clearly suffering from severe cognitive decline that Americans would have to be blind not to see.

He barely made it through the 2020 campaign and that was done mostly from the comfort of his basement. He’s not physically or mentally up for another campaign, especially one where he might not be able to hide under the guise of a “pandemic.”

If Biden doesn’t run, Penn said, he expects Harris to seek the Democratic nomination for herself and could even end up with it.

“History doesn’t necessarily have to repeat itself, but I do think she would be hard to knock off and would most likely wind up with the nomination,” Penn said.

Unfortunately, having Harris secure the party nomination really doesn’t bode too well for Democrats.

Harris has no ability to run for the presidency as she has already displayed in 2019 when she couldn’t even muster enough support to win a primary in her home state of California. She’s so unpopular and unlikeable with poll numbers to back it up, there’s no way she would stand a chance against whoever the GOP puts up.

Assuming, of course, that it’s a fair and free election which, after 2020, is entirely up in the air right now.

Nonetheless, it’s quite bold of Harris to make such a prediction about the Biden-Harris ticket in 2024 when support for this within the Democratic Party itself is so low it’s caused leftist propaganda outlets like The New York Times to start speculating about potential successors.

Biden’s regime has been a complete disaster for America and voters are feeling it, even despite Biden’s insistence that Americans are more financially stable than they have been in over a decade.

Nobody is buying his lies, or hers.

She can pretend that this “presidency” has been totally normal and that running for reelection in 2024 is a give-in but the reality is, neither she nor Biden have the support, not even from within their own party.

Don’t expect Harris to drop the charade though. She’s as fake as they come.

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  1. These two disasters are like two dreams met. Yes of course nobody is buying his lies or her ineffectuallity.
    Let the two dreamers dream on, come elections they will have a rude awakening.

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