BREAKING: Former Notre Dame Professor Who Said, “Damn The Unvaccinated” Dies After Receiving 3rd Covid Shot

(Republican Party News) – If you’re a believer in “you reap what you sow,” and you should be, because that’s just cosmic, godly justice, then you won’t be surprised to hear about the story of a former professor at Notre Dame who made a habit out of attacking folks who opted not to take the COVID vaccine, labeling such people as “selfish,” and died after she received her third dose of the vaccine.

According to Gateway Pundit, Karen Croake Heisler, 67, received the first dose of the vaccine back on January 13, 2021.

“Just got my first dose of the vaccine. Never been happier to be ‘old.’ Now let’s get these vaccines rolling for everyone!” she posted on Twitter.

Then, on April 9, the professor tweeted out that she had experienced zero side effects after she took the second Pfizer shot.

Earlier this month, Heisler once again took to Twitter to share she took the third dose of the vaccine.

Just a week after getting the shot, Heisler began to experience side effects, and yet, despite that, she still managed to curse the unvaccinated.

Heisler then went on to post that her cardiologist tried to get her admitted to a local hospital, but stated no rooms were available because of COVID.

Just two weeks after she received her third vaccine, Heisler died.

The official obituary for her stated that she died from “cancer-related complications” on September 19.

A few of the former professor’s students took to Twitter to share their reactions to the news of her passing.

Heisler leaves behind a husband, a sister, and two sons.

This is far from the first time we’ve heard bad news about the coronavirus vaccine.

According to a report from WND, a top medical professional, Dr. Peter McCullough, has come out and stated that these vaccines need to be pulled off the market right now.

“As both a researcher and a practicing physician, McCullough has come to the conclusion that most deaths attributed to COVID-19 could be prevented with early treatments that have been suppressed by policymakers,” the report stated.

“In a slide for his Aug. 20 presentation – which can be viewed below – he argued the ‘COVID-19 genetic vaccines have an unfavorable safety profile and are not clinically effective, thus they cannot be generally supported in clinical practice at this time,'” the report continued.

“McCullough, the editor-in-chief of two medical journals, is a practicing internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at the Baylor University School of Medicine in Dallas,” it added.

“He has 600 peer-reviewed publications to his name. Many have appeared in top-tier journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet. He is the president of the Cardiorenal Society of America, the co-editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine and associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine. He has led monitoring safety boards in major drug trials,” the report said, reviewing his credentials.

This is no quack, folks. McCullough is the real deal and his words come with a great deal of weight and should be carefully considered.

Back in May, McCullough explained why he thinks the vaccines are too risky, especially when you take into account the fact that most folks have a 99 percent survival rate if they contract the illness.

“He testified to the U.S. Senate last November against what he described as the federal government’s politicization of health care during the pandemic, curbing or blocking the availability of cheap, effective treatments for COVID-19 such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin,” WND said.

This sad story is precisely why so many folks are hesitant to take the vaccine. We don’t really have enough data to say this shot is safe. People are just putting foreign materials into their bodies just because the government tells them to.

Not only is that dangerous for a person’s health, but it’s basically a death blow to freedom too.

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  1. “Its these people who refuse to take the vaccine clogging up the hospitals for those of us who have taken the vaccine and still got COVID anyways.”

    Do I have to add a “Duuuuuhhh”

    • Who is clogging all the H beds? Go to the ER sometime and see for yourself. Mostly refugees and south of the border caravan people, no insurance and the H have to by law give them care and only 30 to 50 million of them, so far.It would be more efficient to set up circus tents and beds there for anyone that has no insurance, unvetted and non citizens.

    • My wife’s a nurse in Florida. She said the common thread is people that have high blood pressure and diabetes. Not vax status. And for some reason vax people need a higher bipap setting. Go figure.

  2. I hope with all the complainingand reporting that is being done that information should be passed back to the pharmas or at least the gov’t and to set up a group to take down the info and pass it back to the pharmas and labs developing the vaccines. This info is the real scientific data they will get, but it seems that noone is doing it. Reminds me of all the activities that have gone on for the last 2 years, all the politicians are doing nothing, looking into nothing, going after nothing or noone causing all this. Are they afraid to get involved or are they being intimidated? Are they being threatenned. I don’t know if I want to be voting for anyone that isn’t looking into all the terror, riots, lootings, causing the fires and shootings, murders and what’s behind the election frauds. for a few questions. We as citizen voters not only need to find out what is being investigated but by whom should we blame. and don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes and call us stupid, to do so is a loss of votes. We would like to know if these refugees and south of the border so called asylum seekers and the chinese and foreign students and chinese workers are all voting or any of them. We want answers on all of it and details on the pharmas research on reality of post vaccines. As above don’t give us BS or we’ll boycott yor company.

  3. Hate to mock and am sorry to hear of her death, but there is no way to determine if she died FROM or in spite of, the third shot. Never wish death on another human no matter how arrogant or spiteful. Pray for her soul. Makes you wonder if we will be penalized for such hate.


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