BREAKING: GOP Closing In On Hunter Biden

(Republican Party News) – At the moment, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is enjoying the quiet life. He’s living a charmed existence as an artist, selling off his paintings to anyone who would like to purchase one. What’s weird is it seems there is an actual audience for such works of art, though if we’re all being honest, it’s because of the last name more so than the artwork itself.

But in a former life, Hunter used to be in the business of peddling influence, and not just at home. Between his activities in Ukraine, Mexico, China, and Kazakhstan, amongst others, it seems that the only place where Hunter wasn’t helping to sell the Biden name was Antarctica.

But hey, who knows? Maybe the man was doing business there too, right? The younger son of Joe Biden does have extensive international contacts. This very fact has been a story covered by conservative news outlets right from the start, though mainstream media outlets have been all but content to just completely ignore his corruption.

According to a report from the Western Journal, “However, we wouldn’t know if Hunter was doing expensive consulting down on the frozen continent — if only because the Secret Service is keeping his travel records redacted.”

“According to a letter from GOP Sens. Charles Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin to the director of the Secret Service, the agency’s redactions of Hunter’s travel records during Barack Obama’s presidency ‘impede our offices’ ability to understand the full scope of the interactions’ Hunter engaged in while his father was vice president,” the report stated.

“Hunter reportedly traveled aboard Air Force Two, the airplane used by the vice president, to China and Mexico on what appeared to be business trips. His travel under the protection of the Secret Service was more extensive than that — although how extensive remains unknown, because when Grassley and Johnson requested Hunter’s travel records, significant portions were blacked out,” the WJ report stated.

“The [U.S. Secret Service’s] production contains extensive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) redactions, which do not apply to Congress and should not be applied to this production,” the senators went on to say in a letter on Tuesday.

The senators then went on to state that the Secret Service “hid names and other information contained in email conversations regarding Hunter Biden without any proper legal justification.”

In fact, the senators say that the Secret Service actually redacted information that pertained to an individual on then-Vice President Joe Biden’s detail who might have arranged the seats for Hunter and his business partners on a private flight from Paris to Kazakhstan.

“The USSS records that we previously made public show that Hunter Biden was in Paris, France from May 29, 2014, to June 7, 2014, while a protectee,” the senators said. “The USSS records do not show whether USSS personnel or Hunter Biden traveled to Kazakhstan in May or June 2014.”

And that’s not all, folks. There are even more significant gaps in the travel records provided to the senators.

“We determined that even though Hunter Biden was a USSS protectee from January 2009 through July 2014, the USSS did not produce any communications regarding Hunter Biden’s travel for the years 2010, 2011, and 2013,” the senators remarked.

“The USSS’s lack of communications during these years raises questions given that USSS travel records show that Hunter Biden made trips to China and other destinations around the world, including, Russia, Italy, Spain and Mexico,” the letter continued.

Why is this important? Well, let’s take a look back at the very first massive Hunter, Biden red flag, the infamous Burisma scandal.

“Burisma, you may remember, is a Ukrainian energy company. Hunter doesn’t have much experience in the energy sector, or in Ukraine — or in Eastern Europe, for that matter. However, Burisma was paying him $50,000 a month to sit on its board because he did … stuff. I guess,” the report revealed.

“Keep in mind, too, that this wasn’t a particularly functional period in Hunter’s life; it’s not like he aced the interview if he was in the state he says he was in at the time. As detailed in his memoir “Beautiful Things,” he was so desperately addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine that he says he smoked parmesan cheese and combed his rugs for pieces of crack rock,” the piece continued.

“I went one time for 13 days without sleeping and smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively throughout that entire time,” Hunter stated during an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” in April of last year.

“I spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs, smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine. I probably smoked more parmesan cheese than anyone that you know,” the president’s son admitted.

While this was happening, Hunter was also conducting business abroad, which happened to include significant entanglements with oligarchs from Mexico and multifarious connections in China.

“In an appearance on Fox News on Friday, Grassley said it was ‘like pulling teeth to get answers from the executive branch, particularly on this subject,’ but promised accountability for the president’s son, even if the Secret Service is covering for him,” the report revealed.

“We know that [Hunter Biden] traveled sometimes in an airplane with his father,” Grassley went on to state. “I can’t make any accusations against the president of the United States, but I think we have a right to know what the son was doing in those instances.”

When asked whether or not the Secret Service was hiding something as a means of protecting Hunter Biden, Grassley responded by saying, “At this point, you can’t draw any other conclusions.”

He then added, “It’s very suspicious.”

And it has been from the start.

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