BREAKING: GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Ban Aid To Ukraine Until US Border With Mexico Is Secured

(Republican Party News) – While the US is being invaded by foreign aliens from around the world via our southern border, the Biden regime is focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Seems awfully hypocritical for Biden and his cronies to suddenly care about sovereignty as it concerns Ukraine but have no concern for the sovereignty of the US.

Of course, we should be used to this hypocrisy by now. The Biden regime has never pretended to put America first. It’s clear the priority is their radical agenda.

Fortunately, two GOP lawmakers have decided that enough is enough. Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale and North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn have introduced bills that would force the Biden regime to take action to end the unprecedented border crisis here in the US before sending any of our resources (tax dollars or soldiers) to fight in Ukraine.

Both US Reps introduced bills early last month as a means to see the never-ending flood of illegal immigrants across our border come to an end before US defense efforts are diverted to Ukraine instead.

On Tuesday, GovTrack Insider explained the two bills which offer alternative options for how to prioritize the border crisis instead of sending aid to Ukraine for their defense against Russia.

Rosendale’s Secure America’s Borders First Act “would ban the use of federal dollars to assist Ukraine until the U.S.-Mexico border achieves ‘operational control,’ including a border wall as per former President Donald Trump’s famous campaign pledge.”

The bill even includes a requirement for a wall at least 30 feet tall. Rosendale introduced the act as H.R. 6648 on February 8.

“While our nation has miserably failed to secure our own border and protect our own territorial integrity, we are now being told by ‘America Last’ politicians on both sides of the aisle, that it is our obligation to do so for Ukraine,” Rosendale asserted in a press release.

“Before warmongers rush America into another foreign conflict over the border of an Eastern European nation thousands of miles from our shores, at the very least they should ensure our southern border is secure first.”

“The American people are sick and tired of career politicians consistently putting the interests of foreign nations above our own, we must put America first,” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Cawthorn’s bill, the USB (Ukraine and Southern Border) Act, was introduced on February 9, as H.R. 6665 and would allow the US to send military aid to Ukraine but would mandate that “the number of Armed Force members deployed there must be less than the number deployed to the Mexican border,” GovTrack noted.

“If Joe Biden truly cared about the wellbeing of Americans, he would prioritize the United States’ national security over the affairs of nations around the world,” the freshman Rep. said about his bill. “I do not want American soldiers in Ukraine or Russia, but if this administration takes action to send troops overseas, the very least we can do to secure our own nation is send the same number of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to augment the efforts of our border patrol agents working diligently to secure America.”

Rosendale and Cawthorn aren’t the only ones picking up on this glaring hypocrisy on the part of the Biden regime. Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed it out during a segment on his show last week.

“So the contrast between official concern over the borders of Ukraine and official neglect of our own borders is pretty hard to miss. We’ve returned to it again and again,” he stated.

“We think we’ve solved the riddle here. When Ukraine is invaded, it’s a war crime. When the United States is invaded, it’s ‘equity.’ And that may be why the Biden administration has admitted thousands of refugees into this country without vetting them,” he noted.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, Biden had the audacity to stand before the American people Tuesday night during the State of the Union Address and declare that securing the southern border was a priority.

Guess the Democrats have to do (or say) something to make it appear as though they aren’t actively trying to destroy the US with the midterm elections right around the corner. Get ready for months of shameless pandering and lies.

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