Breaking: Huge Shift In Trump Poll Numbers, Results Should Have Biden Shaking In His Boots

(Republican Party News) – If you thought the 2016 presidential election cycle was entertaining after Donald Trump announced his candidacy and immediately began pulverizing twice-failed Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton, man, you haven’t seen anything yet. With each passing day, the 2024 presidential race is looking like one for the ages.

Ryan Ledendecker, writing for The Western Journal stated while President Joe Biden is trying desperately to manage multiple scandals all unfolding at the same time and trying to figure out if he has enough active brain cells remaining to give the White House a second go, former President Donald Trump is out and about making major moves. And it seems the tactics he’s using are already starting to pay dividends for his presidential campaign.

“In a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted between Jan. 27-Feb. 1, respondents were asked who they would support if the election were held today. Trump garnered 48 percent to Biden’s 45 percent,” Ledendecker wrote. “While it’s certainly close on paper, reading between the lines is critical. Trump’s 48 percent marks an impressive five-point swing since the same poll was conducted in September, meaning that it looks as though his classified documents situation doesn’t appear to have hurt him politically.”

The former president is also scoring major points with independent voters compared to Biden, nabbing 50 percent support to the president’s measly 41 percent. Biden is a really terrible leader, and these numbers are proof of that. It’s clear the American people do not want an additional four years of this guy.

Here’s more data concerning the poll via Western Journal:

“The same poll asked several questions regarding how Americans feel they’re doing in Biden’s economy. The data is nothing short of a total disaster for the struggling Biden administration that continues to brag about jobs numbers while eggs, milk, and gas prices remain excruciatingly high,” Ledendecker noted in his article.

“Do you approve or disapprove of the way Biden is handling the economy?” the WaPo-ABC News poll went on to ask participants.

“A clear majority of 59 percent of registered voters said they disapprove. Sixty percent of independent voters said they disapproved, while 20 percent of Democratic voters said the same,” the Western Journal continued.

That is a very large percentage of unhappy voters that Biden needs to have on his side if he wants to have any sort of actual chance at winning a second term. Of course, we don’t want him to have another four years in office, so let’s hope he loses even more folks over the course of the next two years.

The poll, focusing more on economic issues and conditions, asked Americans, “Would you say you, yourself, are better off financially than you were when Biden became president, not as well off, or in about the same shape financially?”

A whopping 41 percent of voters responded that they would feel “not as well off” under President Biden. That number actually equals tens of millions of voters who are stinging from the wound left behind by massive inflation and troubled economic conditions, which, under Biden’s leadership, might get worse.

Ledendecker then revealed, “It’s not a stretch to presume that in 2024 at the polling booth, many of those millions of voters will remember how much less they had in their savings accounts under Biden. If that’s not enough to convince the Biden administration that another term in the White House might not be in the cards, a survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research should be the proverbial nail in the coffin.”

The survey discovered that only 37 percent of Democratic voters want to see Biden give a second term the old college try. Before the 2022 midterms, that number was 52 percent. You don’t have to be a political whiz to see that’s a substantial drop.

Trump is out making campaign stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina, working up some big support he’ll need to to cinch the GOP nomination and beat the pants off whoever Democrats opt to run in 2024. He’s also making sure to not waste any time in responding to the president’s constant gaffes as a means of whipping up excitement among his base.

Things are so bad it’s totally within the realm of possibility that Trump will win over many voters who previously might not have voted for him, noting how much better the economy was while he was calling the shots. Let’s hope they do indeed see the light.

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  1. One problem is, the assumption that 2024 will be a free, fair and secure election is a Pipe Dream. WTF are you all smoking?
    2022 just showed the Democrat’s using the same tactics they used in 2020 to steal elections.

  2. The only way President Trump can win is to stop the cheating at the polls and the counting! The dems know how to cheat and how to get away with it!

  3. Trump went to Palestine, Ohio and scored points with the victims
    there of the dioxin fire from the derailment. Biden can’t be bothered
    and neither can the Sec of Transportation. That should give trump another 5% in the polls for 2024.
    But, I expect Biden will get his wish for a new war that goes nuclear….
    the Ezekiel 38 war when Iran and 10 Islamic allies attack Israel from all
    sides simultaneously. That will result in 1/3 of the population of the
    world killed in just 150 days of war.

  4. I really don’t get how with Biden being so ridiculous and when even democrats are saying it, he gets 45%, almost 50%. This obviously means the democrats don’t give a damn how Biden is hurting this country because the democrats doing the voting want him to hurt this country. Makes me want to see the democrats and democratic party disappear from this Earth. That would make the 45% more realistic at 0%.

  5. We need to do the same as they do cheat but you can bet they would be calling us out we know what states do the most cheating go after them


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