BREAKING: Sarah Palin Breaks Her Silence, Issues URGENT Warning To Fellow Republican

(Republican Party News) – Republicans have to get serious about securing control of Congress in the November midterm elections. Now is the time to unite and do what needs to be done to ensure victory.

Alaska is in danger of falling into the hands of Democrats and not because of a lack of strong GOP candidates.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin lost the state’s congressional seat in the Aug. 16 special election to fill the House seat, which was vacant after longtime Republican Rep. Don Young died in March.

Democrat State Rep. Mary Peltola won the seat due to the fact that there were two GOP candidates in the race which caused the Republican vote to essentially be split rather than united. Peltola only won 41% of the vote while Palin won 31% and GOP rival Nick Begich III, a businessman and member of the politically prominent Begich family, got 28%.

Clearly, had Republican voters only needed to unite behind one candidate, that candidate would have won.

Now the Daily Caller reports Palin is pleading with Begich for him to withdraw his candidacy so as not to potentially jeopardize the House seat, which will only be held by Peltola until January when the winner of the November midterm takes over.

The Daily Caller explains that the race in Alaska has attracted a lot of attention for the new electoral method.

“Under its new Ranked Choice Voting system, approved in a close statewide referendum in 2020, Alaska conducts a nonpartisan blanket primary for all non-presidential elections, whose top four candidates advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation.”

This hardly seems like the best way for political parties to unite if there are multiple contenders who refuse to concede.

Palin has pointed out that had Begich not been in the race, those who voted for him would have presumably voted for her which would have led to her winning the special election in the first round.

Instead, Democrats gained a major victory with this pickup. The state of Alaska hasn’t seen a Democrat hold this seat since 1973 when Young first took office.

“It is time for the GOP to unite, we need to unite behind my candidacy and starting today with Nick Begich withdrawing from this race,” said Palin at a press conference in Wasilla, Alaska.

It would certainly seem to be the logical thing for Begich to drop out ahead of the November general election.

Begich “needs to swallow a little pride,” according to Palin, who asked for his help on the campaign trail to elect her to office, arguing that she stood the best chance of beating Peltola.

It’s time for Republicans to work together to defeat the Democrats. If Republicans fail to take control next year, we are in for another two years of the radical left’s anti-American agenda.

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  1. Who made up this stupid way to run an election, the democrats because they will always pull together/united as a party to win an election. Who runs the Republican party in Alaska that they allowed more than one person to run for their party for one job. You can’t make the job into two, it remains one job so who in charge of the republican party allowed two people to represent their party insuring the republican party would lose and giving the win to their enemy, the democrat party. Why in GOD’s name did the republican party go for this voting system. What is the matter with voting like every other state has. Republicans run their primary to get one runner and the democrats run their primary to get one runner and than the winners of the two primaries run against each other. So simple and making sure the person whom the voters really want wins in the end. Whoever invented this new voting system is making sure that their party wins not the voters win. The democrats are smart enough to make sure just one democrat gets all of the democrat votes while the republican party will lose with their infighting and making sure that two or more republicans split all the republican votes.

  2. The democrats have once again outsmarted and out witted the fractured GOP. The RINOS should have been kicked out long ago. The complacency eroding the Republican Party is still there and the Left will keep exploiting it every time.

  3. Palin’s take may be right, but as a messenger, her cry will fall on a lot of deaf ears. It was a serious strategy mistake on McCain part, to pick Palin, who was only into two years into her first term as governor of Alaska. She had done nothing noteworthy to bring her to national attention, and that helped doom McCain’s campaign (Not that I was real thrilled about McCain winning the GOP nomination or Romney either). She’s done practically nothing noteworthy since that failed attempt, and that puts a serious ding on her credibility, and the GOP leadership won’t listen (McConnell, McCarthy and Daniels).
    The GOP’s leadership, is why I left the Party in 2020. All 3 at the top are RINO’s, and until they’re sidelined, the Party will continue to fumble the ball.

    • I also believe some of what you imply, but I won’t defect to the other side because they have Marxist Rino’s that took over the once Democrat party. Our problems are neo-con Rino’s that want the globalist order.


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