BREAKING: Top iTunes “Let’s Go Brandon” Artist Vows To “Burn Down Demonic Music Industry”

(Republican Party News) – Current top-selling Christian rap artist Bryson Gray recently sat down for an interview with the folks over at Infowars where he told the Sunday Night Live program that his main goal is to utterly destroy the entire Satanic music industry.

According to the Infowars report, Gray appeared on the program (watch here) to talk about the success he’s seeing on iTunes and on the Billboard charts, where he’s actually beat out pop icon Adele and soft rockers Coldplay with his hilarious and stinging new song, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Gray stated he’s happy to be beating out artists whose labels are spending millions of dollars to promote their work.

“My goal is to literally burn down the entire demonic music industry,” Gray went on to say.

“You have people pumping millions of dollars into marketing to these artists and promoting to everybody… to where you have to listen to it or your children have to listen to it,” he said.

“Gray’s ‘shadow smash’ hit is derived from a NASCAR interview where an NBC reporter speaking to racer Brandon Brown misinterpreted the crowd’s ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants, and instead claimed fans were yelling, ‘Let’s go Brandon!'” the report said.

The rap artist then goes on to explain that his music is very different from the kind that’s being promoted in the mainstream music industry such as Cardi B, who made the claim that because her music is explicit she doesn’t allow her kids to listen to it.

“My plan is just to burn it all down,” the successful rapper states, noting how he’ll appear in the top 50 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart despite the fact he hasn’t had any radio spins.

On Monday, Gray’s song actually debuted at 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Gray says he’s also aware of the cultural impact his hit is having on society, and the recognition it’s receiving in political circles, including with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) who recently jammed the song in an ad, saying ‘#1 for a reason,'” Infowars said.

This is proof positive that there are millions of people out there who are having their eyes opened up about the reality of the radical left and the failure of the Biden administration to handle the many crisis situations exploding all around them.

However, another report from Infowars details how not everyone is super happy to see Gray’s tunes doing so well.

Back in late October, Gray created a post on Twitter announcing that YouTube had deleted the popular song.

“What medical misinformation is in the song? Whoa,” the rapper asked.

Gray appears in an “Impeach Biden” t-shirt and MAGA hat in the video while also holding an “assault rifle.” Is it any wonder YouTube hated this song? Gray basically packed every single thing the liberal video platform hates into one video. It’s great!

“According to Gray, YouTube initially took down the lyric version of the video before the actual music video was taken down,” the report said.

Gray then went on to compare YouTube, which is owned by Google, to a Communist dictatorship and stated that the ban only made his song more popular.

“I want to thank YouTube for banning my ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song. All y’all did was piss a bunch of people off and made more people go listen to it. Let’s Go YouTube. Commies,” he said in a tweet.

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