BREAKING: U.S. Senator Pitches Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ At Communist Party Event

(Republican Party News) – When you’re a conservative who believes in the principles of liberty and you’re constantly battling against progressives, it’s easy to throw around the comparison of leftists with communists. In fact, that’s something that’s quite common during heated debates and other confrontations between the two ideologies.

And it certainly doesn’t help the case of the progressive when there is a leading Democrat U.S. senator who openly consorts with actual, legitimate communists.

And we’re not just talking about some sort of coincidental meet up. We’re talking about an actual, pre-arranged, open, full-on embrace of a Communist Party event, which was then accompanied by heaps of praise for the hosts of the event, who were members of the Communist Party.

“What it means is that even if U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut isn’t himself a communist, he is indisputably a fellow traveler,” the Washington Examiner said.

“Yet Blumenthal surely will continue to enjoy all the emoluments of power and all the goodwill of his Democratic colleagues despite, or maybe because of, his enthusiastic participation in a Connecticut Communist Party awards ceremony. The Democratic congressional leadership certainly won’t denounce Blumenthal, much less strip him of committee posts, because to them, communism isn’t a mortal threat but a noble ideal that just hasn’t been well-implemented,” the report said.

“Specifically, here’s what Blumenthal did. He spoke at the annual ceremony of the Connecticut People’s World Committee, and he used Senate stationery to provide approving recognition to winners of the committee’s ‘Amistad Award.’ The group is openly and proudly an affiliate of the Communist Party USA,” The WE report noted.

“There could have been no confusion about the nature of the organization. At the event, not long before Blumenthal spoke, one of the two event hosts explained that ‘his year, the awards are held on the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the Communist Party USA,’ then went on for some time praising the party’s work since 1919 and invit[ing]” listeners to join the Communist Party (by name) and create “a new socialist system,'” the report continued.

By introducing Blumenthal, the other host then specifically stated that she was “honoring how important the Communist Party is … not just in Connecticut, but across the whole world.”

This goes beyond being problematic. The ideology of the Communist Party goes against the grain of the liberty our nation was founded upon and is a huge threat to our way of life.

Blumenthal himself took the stage where he said he was “really excited and honored to be with you.” He then went on to offer up a slight disclaimer, saying that a person need not “agree with…every organization” in order to honor the three individual award winners, all of whom had pushed for priorities of the labor movement.

“Blumenthal didn’t stress the disclaimer, and it would not have absolved him anyway, just as no disclaimer could absolve a public official from knowingly and eagerly speaking at an event openly sponsored by white nationalists or neo-Nazis. Communism is inherently an evil ideal, entirely counter to human nature, and responsible for some 100 million deaths in the past century, dwarfing even Nazism (numerically) as the deadliest ideology of all time,” the report added.

The very “excited” participation of Blumenthal in this Communist Party event is absolutely reprehensible. It is imperative that other Democrats in the party stand up immediately and disavow the event and his participation in it. They must strip him of power, or they too will be considered to be complicit in his connections with communism.

Here’s some video footage of the event from Facebook.

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  1. I am so tired of these ignorant comments from the GOP. I am an INDEPENDENT voter and am continually disappointed in the GOP ever since the majority of them act like whipped dogs and suck ups to former president Trump. They are either driven by a lust for power and control or fear of Trump.

    They chose to divide the Republic by not speaking out against Trump’s repeated FALSE claims of election fraud, they choose vitriol and venom over discussion and compromise. They choose to defend, ignore, and downplay the tragic events of January 6th that was nothing short of an attempted coup driven and encouraged by the Former President and his inner circle.

    The GOP screams “socialism socialism socialism” not knowing the difference between social programs and socialism; or worse knowing the difference but purposely misleading their constituency. All the while willing to prop up the former president and nothing less than a FASCIST state.

    Read your history folks. Remove the blinders. At this point in our nation’s history the democratic Party is indeed the lesser of two evils…by far!


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