CAPITOL RIOT SHOCKER: The Third Officer Who Responded Has Committed Suicide

(Republican Party News) – According to reports from WND, a third police officer who responded to the riot at the Capitol building back on January 6, 2021, has now committed suicide.

This is becoming an actual trend right now, which means there’s something significant happening underneath the surface of all of this that we don’t have information about, leading to more and more sinister mysteries being revealed.

The latest incident involves Officer Gunther Hashida (pictured here), who was part of the Emergency Response Team within the Special Operations Division of the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department.

The folks over at the MPD said that Hashida was “found deceased in his residence on Thursday, July 19.”

“We are grieving as a Department as our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Hashida’s family and friends,” the department went on to say.

However, it has not been revealed how the officer killed himself or if his response to the Capitol riots back in January contributed to his untimely passing.

A GoFundMe account has been set up, which talks of Hashida being a “devoted and loving husband and father,” as he’s left behind a wife, three children, and a sister.

What’s really got folks scratching their heads about this is the fact Hashida is the third officer who responded to the riot that has killed themselves. At least that’s the narrative we’re being told right now.

“You can’t tell me that’s just a coincidence,” President Trump supporter Lauren Witzke, who found herself in a few headlines back in June when Wells Fargo canceled her bank account without warning or providing any kind of explanation.

“They are either overwhelmed with guilt or were about to release information about the federal government & intelligence agency’s involvement,” she continued.

“Don’t be fooled, something here is very, very wrong,” she added.

“The other officers who are said to have committed suicide are Jeffrey Smith, a 12-year veteran of the MPD, and Howard Liebengood, a 16-year Capitol Police veteran,” WND reported.

Another Capitol Police Officer who died in the aftermath of the riot, Brian Sicknick, suffered from two strokes and later died from natural causes the day following the riot, according to the information released by the chief medical examiner in Washington.

A lot of folks are suspicious of this current trend. Is it possible there is someone out there who is doing their best to keep people from knowing the whole riot was a farce, a false flag event designed to help authenticate the narrative that Trump supporters and conservatives are domestic terrorists?

So many reasons could exist for these “suicides,” many of which include the possibility of this all being foul play. We are living in an era where progressives are desperate to keep the truth buried so they can complete the radical transformation of this country into a Marxist nightmare.

Let’s hope the truth prevails.

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  1. Absolutely a false flag – we’ve seen videos of the capitol police opening doors and inviting the demonstrators in, we’ve seen the video (2) of the Maga demonstrator asking the police why they didn’t arrest/stop the people breaking down doors and windows, and we have seen the videos of the black masked terrorists entering through an elevator carrying confederate flag and Maga signs (like a Trump supporter would EVER dress like that).

    It is all a sham. Wake up people!!

  2. Arkansiding occurs when the victim is about to testify in from of an investigating entity. Congressional Register has a lot of information on this from the Clintons era.

  3. The whole thing is a sham created by Pelosi and her lap dog, Schumer. The protest was never violent, they were not carrying weapons, the door to the Capitol was opened for them from someone inside. We have all seen the videos, everything was peaceful until BLM and Antifa infiltrated the protestors. The testimony of the Capitol Police was bogus, crying and saying they feared for their lives..such lies. One was seen laughing just a few minutes after crying during testimony. The Democrats want to create another ‘witch hunt’ to make Republicans appear as traitors. They want to force this country into Socialism and Communism with only a certain number of Democrats in full control. The Biden Adminstration has let thousands of illegals into the country, plus air lifting more from the Congo and Syria. They fly them in and turn them loose in various states and cities. And the biggest rat of all …Obama. He wants to see this country torn apart by racism, pitting blacks against whites. He also flew in planes full of Muslims. If we don’t do something, our country will no longer be free, they will force people to live on welfare and the people will no longer have free speech, anyone going against them will be imprisoned or killed. If you watched all the videos of the protest, you will see people just standing around with flags and not being violent. The police, however can be seen pushing and shoving some of the people at the outside…WHY. They weren’t doing anything.

  4. Lord God Almighty let Truth be revealed about what the wicked evil Deamoncrats are trying to do to destroy the United States of America .They think they can not vote if they have to show I D and if they are not allowed toLie Cheat and Steal these people how evil they are.


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