Conservative Radio Host: The Roe Leak Isn’t An Accident, It’s A Distraction… Look What Else Just Happened

(Republican Party News) – The Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v Wade was “leaked” on Monday but the truth is that this so-called leak just happens to come at the perfect time to cause the perfect distraction.

Nothing divides the American people more than the issue of abortion. There has never been a “leak” from the SCOTUS before, so why now?

Is it just a coincidence that the documentary exposing massive election interference, “2,000 Mules,” just so happens to be coming out this week? The leak occurred on the night before the movie was set to be released.

Of course, the left doesn’t want the American people to see “2,000 Mules.” They won’t be able to claim there’s “no evidence” the 2020 election was stolen any longer. They’re desperate for you not to see it.

We all know the 2020 election was stolen and rigged but it keeps being proven over and over. Angry Democrats insist there’s no “proof” but we know that’s just a lie they tell themselves because CNN and MSNBC convinced them of it.

As a matter of fact, the media’s cover-up of the stolen election is proof itself that the election was stolen.

Conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root has compared the stolen election to a cheating husband or boyfriend. In an Op-Ed for the Western Journal, Root wrote:

But I have a message for female voters, wives and mothers. Ladies, have you ever had a boyfriend or husband cheat on you? Did you need actual proof of your husband cheating to know the truth? Or would this be enough to know for sure?

Your husband comes home at 3 a.m., reeking of booze, lipstick on his collar, the smell of a woman’s perfume on his body, and when you ask him where he’s been, he replies, “Shut up. I did nothing wrong. You’re crazy. You’re a conspiracy theorist. No, you can’t look at my text messages. No, you can’t look at the GPS of my phone. How dare you ask? If you ever talk about this again, I’ll kick you out of this home. Good luck being homeless on the streets.”

What would any woman believe at that point? Do you need any further proof? Or is your husband’s reaction all the proof you need? Are you crazy or a conspiracy theorist for seeing the truth with your own eyes?

Unhinged liberals have lost all ability to be reasonable. They refuse to even so much as look at the evidence that actually does exist. They would never be caught dead watching “2,000 Mules” and even if they did, they would manage to convince themselves it was all a big “conspiracy theory.”

They love to call us crazy while they refuse to see the truth right in front of them. They claim there’s no evidence while refusing to acknowledge any investigations. They want to silence us on all social media platforms because they’re afraid of the truth becoming so undeniable that even they’ll have to admit it.

Their response to the claims that the 2020 election was stolen is all the proof we really need that it was, in fact, stolen.

But beyond that, the writing was on the wall starting on Election Day when President Trump was on his way to another landslide victory when five key states suddenly decided to stop counting votes until the morning, as if that was totally normal.

We all knew at that very moment that the fix was in and sure enough we watched as President Trump’s lead slipped away in state after state and those states eventually turned blue for Biden.

It was outrageous and obvious. Yet, Democrats have insisted there was nothing at all off about the election. They claim it was the “most secure” in US history.

We all know the election was stolen and thanks to movies like “2,000 Mules” we have all the proof we need. Now the real question is, what’s going to be done about it?

It seems like there’s nothing we can do about it. How do we make this situation right when so many Americans are willfully choosing not to see the reality of it?

How do we stop the left from doing it again? How do we know the midterm elections coming up this fall won’t be rigged?

One thing is for sure, the answer is most certainly not to stop voting. Sure, it might seem like your vote doesn’t count when the opposition is rigging the game but if we don’t show up we can’t possibly fight against the corruption.

Keep voting and keep believing that eventually justice will be served.

Copyright 2022.

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  1. The problem with the 2020 election is that nobody who committed the fraud is being arrested. People have the proof and the republicans in control in certain states with the heaviest fraud are not making any attempt or refusing to do anything with the law system to arrest, charge and get the fraud people in court. So the lie there was no fraud gets to live on. If arrests were made and let juries decide what these fraud people did I will bet the juries will put these fraud people in jail. Why are republicans refusing to bring to trial democrats who cheated us out of a real election. It is not too late to arrest people now the fraud proof is out in the open so why aren’t republicans doing their legal responsibility to the voters who put politicians in positions where politicians do or don’t do their job of forcing out into the open the fact fraud is fraud and voters were cheated.

  2. Nothing will change until The Patriotic Citizens Of The Once United Now Divided States Of America use The Second Amendment for what it was intended to be used for! Sad to say but it will take a 1776 re-education session to fix the mess we are now in thanks to the Nazi Communist Democrats and the others of the Left.

  3. I don’t live in one of the swing states that the “mules” cheated in, but for those that do, you have to contact your state legislators, state AG, law enforcement, ask them what they’re doing about the “Mules” who stuffed the drop boxes, this is illegal in all 50 states. These Mules should be arrested, prosecuted, and some of them will confess for reduced penalties, then go after the heads of the conspiracy of cheating to install Biden illegally as president. Those with some extra cash, buy 2000 Mules CD’s, hand them out to these people who should be prosecuting the mules, the governor, all of the legislators, law enforcement, all should see the movie. I don’t think there’s anyone maybe 10% die hard Democrats, who is happy with Biden, he’s destroying our country, the price of gas, inflation, he’s a one man wrecking ball. We have to go after the criminals who put this guy in office.

  4. I jumped up to the top and this post is, “Republican Party News” The Republican party should step up, all Republicans, demand some action, we now have the cold hard evidence to prove once and for all that Biden cheated, he’s not the president, he shouldn’t be in office. 2000 Mules shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Democrats cheated their way into office. Where’s some statements by the Republican party, party leaders, I haven’t heard peep.

    • you are not going to hear anything out of those go along to get along republicans that are only in their positions for the money and power that goes with the job. Most of them have crawled so far back in their shells waiting for the storm to pass, they will only come out long enough to try to baffle voters with their bs and ask for a donation.

  5. The timing coinciding with the movie’s release is just a side note to the real reason for the “leak”. The main reason for the leak was to incite the pro-abortionists. I might be wrong, but I suspect two sources of the leak, either the individuals themself or from their staff and they both were nominated by Obama. If so, this would be bigger than just the leak itself.


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