Happening Now: Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Reveals Shocking New Data

(Republican Party News) – MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, an event that was designed to help expose massive voter fraud that took place during the 2020 presidential election and help bring about much needed change to ensure future fair and free elections, has revealed some incredibly shocking new data.

According to Gateway Pundit, just before Tuesday when the event was scheduled to begin, Lindell went on to announce that there would be a mock election set to be held that would showcase interactive fraud displays and would be available while teams broke away and were given an opportunity to analyze the cyber data.

These interactive displays that were put up at the symposium reveal the recorded results versus the alleged real results for every state in the country. The display was known as “The Big Lie” vs. “The Truth.”

A person can use this interactive computer display to click on a particular category under the name of any state in the nation. There are two categories listed. One is “The Big Lie” the other “The Truth.”

The section that is labeled the “Big Lie” shows the supposed official results from the 2020 presidential election, while the one that is labeled “The Truth” says what the actual results were (screen shots here, here, here and here).

“Arizona, this one’s big, the Maricopa County audit. Wow! I wonder how many of those votes were in Maricopa County. Trump Wins Michigan. Lets see Pennsylvania, The Big Lie. The truth is Trump won Pennsylvania. The Big Lie in Georgia, Biden Wins. The Truth, Trump Wins Georgia. In Conclusion, the truth here is that Trump won the 2020 election and we’re only going to see more proof as the Cyber Symposium goes on,” the report said.

“Lindell’s truth has faced a few hiccups due to threats, investigations, raids, event infiltration, and a possible ‘poison pill’ which was placed within the data in order to corrupt it all,” GP’s report stated.

The team in Arizona carrying out the forensic audit in Maricopa County has not yet released their full report from the work they are doing in the state. When they do, it will likely cause audits to be performed in every single state in the country.

That’s not the only bombshell that was dropped prior to the symposium. Just last week, a team of cyber experts proved that the machines used in the election could indeed be altered from overseas.

According to another report from GP, this team demonstrated that it is possible to change votes in the United States election system from somewhere overseas, which enables someone to alter the results from a specific election. The team was also able to alter the dates on the data entries that were made overseas in a location in Asia in order to keep their activities hidden.

There’s a lot of different components to this, though, so the folks at GP graciously break down what you need to know in order to understand how this is all possible.

“First, we must explain a few items. The election process begins with a ballot being filled out by an individual at the local library or similar type of polling location. The ballots are entered into tabulation machines after votes are selected by a voter. At the end of the day, all the votes in that location are summarized and a printout from the machine and memory cards are produced showing the results from that location. These results are carried to another location like the county seat where these votes are further consolidated in an EMS machine. This is where an attack of an election could occur where the votes could be flipped,” the report goes on to say.

It’s important to note that the EMS devices discussed here have network cards and server modems that allow them to have access to the internet.

“This is also why individuals involved in election steals do not want to review the hard copies of election results – the ballots. There is no functionality in the voting machines that prevent ballots from being tabulated numerous times like was observed in Fulton County Georgia on Election night. Because of this, election fraud is more likely committed at the local level. Tabulators can be set at the machine level and in most cases, the election sites are no longer managed by the state but rather by individuals from voting systems companies,” the report states.

“Any election fraud committed through EMS devices could be identified through recounts of the ballots at the locations involved. This is why the audit performed in Arizona is so important. Any adjustments through machines or through shoving the same ballots through tabulation machines multiple times are identified in the forensic audit. The results of the Maricopa audit in Arizona are expected to show that,” GP says in the piece.

While it has been proven that votes can be changed from overseas locations, without performing a forensic audit, it’s impossible to prove that is what happened. The reason it’s impossible is due to the “chain of custody.”

“If individual packets were obtained that were related to vote changes in the US initiated overseas, these packets would have to be protected and any and all movement or changes in custody of this data would have to be managed. This would be almost impossible to maintain at a level that could be used in a court of law. This is the ultimate challenge to Absolute Proof,” GP explains.

In summary, we know that votes can be changed overseas and that this is impossible to prove without a forensic audit. However, the stealing of the 2020 presidential election was most likely done at the local level.

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  1. We need to go back to the Dark Ages and not use Machines in our voting process. It may be difficult, but, we have a little time to figure it out. More people counting, more Observers, more Polling locations, more Oversight at each polling place and each point in the process i.e. Chain of Custody, fewer Early Voting Days, I’d like to see Zero Early Voting. Just suggestions/ideas. It is Insane that the results of US Elections can be Manufactured overseas!!! That MUST be addressed before another election occurs!!

    • ABSOLUTELY! We must stop using voting machines, no internet access, and go back to paper ballots with voter ID, signature verification, and all ballots need to be accounted for.

  2. So, where do we go from here? All this disgusting fraud, all this disgusting attacking, accusing, hiding, smear & slander tactics, character assassination tactics, covering and using their CIA, their FBI, their DOJ to seize, confiscate, using them as weapons to hide the truth. They use their Supreme Court, their communist federal judges to obstruct. They use Hollywood, Facebook, Twitter, BLM, Antifa, ALL of their mobs as weapons against the truth to intimidate and shut us up. They are fighting us with all of those powerful weapons!

    We have an election coming up next year…. are we going to see a repeat of November 3, 2020 through December and beyond ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You KNOW that the dems already have their plotted plans ready to hit the ground running, just like they did on November 3, with their BLM and Antifa workers throwing the watchers out and hauling in ballots, counting ballots over and over again, and changing them to their desired candidates.

    They got away with it then, and they KNOW that they will get away with it again and again, because they are too powerful to stop. Then one day they will declare there will be no more elections in their new world order.

  3. It will be painful but I don’t believe God will allow America to fall. It was created on Godly principles and has become corrupted but if all good Americans open their eyes and stand up we can not fail.


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