WARNING! Deaths Soaring In Area With 95% COVID-Vaccination Rate

(Republican Party News) – The COVID charade has been one of the biggest scams ever played on mankind. In this globally connected world, it was easier than ever to literally lockdown the whole world and force everyone to obey illegal mandates and rules in the name of public health safety.

Then came the “vaccines.”

It has become abundantly clear that not only do the vaccines not work (they don’t stop you from getting COVID and they don’t stop you from spreading COVID) but they’re also dangerous.

The experimental mRNA shots have caused a myriad of serious “side effects,” many of which are permanent, in people all around the world and, what’s worse, death rates have steadily been on the rise since their introduction.

It’s time to start connecting the dots.

In Australia, the COVID insanity reached heights no one thought imaginable and now Aussies are dealing with the fallout.

Investigative reporter Alex Berenson reports, about 95% of the state of Victoria’s adult population have received the COVID shots and most are boosted yet, according to official government data, deaths in August soared to the highest level in at least 13 years.

Berenson noted that Victoria’s database is better than most with state law requiring physicians and funeral directors to report deaths online. Because of this, deaths are registered immediately and are rarely adjusted later.

So far this year, Victoria has registered 32,533 deaths overall, which is 20% above its average for the same eight-month period from 2017 through 2021.

What’s more, deaths from COVID have spiked since the introduction of the vaccines.

But wait! Don’t leftists insist that the vaccines will prevent serious illness and death? How, then, could COVID deaths be increasing? Obviously this is a pretty strong indicator that the shots are ineffective and dangerous.

More than two-thirds of Victoria’s COVID deaths have occurred this year and that includes during the Omicron wave which has been a much milder variant. That’s a pretty damning statistic.

Meanwhile, across the pond, British government data shows that adults aged 40-74 who have received the vaccine and boosters are twice as likely to be hospitalized than those who have not been recently boosted.

Further, in June, an analysis of Pfizer and Moderna COVID shot trials by British Medical Journal Editor Dr. Peter Doshi and other medical scientists found that the mRNA shots are more likely to put recipients in the hospital than to provide them with better protection from serious illness or adverse health events.

If we’re “following the science” we should be running from these dangerous and ineffective vaccines as fast as we can. Yet, there are still health “officials,” like America’s COVID czar Dr. Fauci, who continue to insist that everyone, even small children, should get the vaccine and be boosted.

When Republicans take control after the midterm elections, it’s time to hold these officials accountable. They have been the ones blatantly pushing lies, misinformation and propaganda all while claiming Americans seeking and sharing the truth are the guilty ones.

It’s time for some serious accountability.

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  1. This information would be all over mainstream news if big pharma lobbyists didn’t own our media networks. How many times do you hear sponsored by Pfizer on TV during the day ? As if the pharmaceutical company’s would EVER give you anything life saving for free 😂 it’s a soulless profit driven, cold hearted place that profits off of disease and sickness. We know these places have always valued profit over human life. It’s why the only science allowed is from the ✌️experts ✌️that are funded by people who benefit from the Science. The lockdowns were a crime against humanity and hopefully it’ll be exposed.

  2. My daughter and my work assistant, both took the vaccine and they have been sick ever since. My assistant became sick the following day after getting the vaccine and ran a high fever. My daughter has been checked for heart issues and wearing a heart monitor since her shots. This was not the biggest scam every played on mankind, the 2020 election that claimed Biden won with the highest number of votes every know was the biggest scam.

  3. And here’s the clincher. The one thing ( maybe two) that worked against covid, Ivermectin, was impossible to get from your doctor. same with Hydroxychloroquin.
    I am 81 and luckely got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. It did not work either but at least it has no horrible side effects. In order to get the proper dosage for humans, I had to order my Ivermectin from India. I was fortunate to have had the foresight to order it before Covid hit me. I was in bad shape with COPD and an Oxigen level of 84. Every time I took my Ivermectin my fever went down an hour later. I suffered through this for about 2 weeks with my Inhaler, my aquarium antibiotics and my Ivermectin and lost 40 pounds. I got over it without any side effect and without any help from my doctor who refused to prescribe Ivermectin. I know they were forced to obide by State and Federal guidelines but I think it was time for some Civil Disobedience. I doubt if the FBI would have thrown them in jail for it.


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