DECERTIFICATION: 92 State Legislators Sign Letter Demanding 50-State Election Audit

(Republican Party News) – A group of 92 state legislators from all over the United States have come together and put out a letter that calls for a 50 state-wide 2020 election audit and decertification after the bombshell findings of the forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona revealed how “our representative republic suffered a corrupted 2020 election.”

According to a report from Infowars, not long after the audit in Arizona was finished, State Sen. Wendy Rogers revealed what she called the “new Declaration of Independence” in which 41 state legislators across the country are now calling for all states to do a forensic audit and if those audits should find lots of evidence of fraud, then mass decertification of the 2020 results would come next.

“This is our new Declaration of Independence. This is our manifesto of freedom,” Rogers said.

“This comes after the forensic audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County revealed thousands of discrepancies and issues with EV32 and EV33 ballot forms, along with a number of other serious election integrity problems, as National File reported,” Infowars went on to say in their post.

“Today, the number of state legislators that have signed on to the letter has more than doubled – with 92 signatories joining in calls for election integrity,” the report stated.

“As National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley reported on September 28, the number of voters in the 2020 Presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona “with no record” of their existence far outnumbers the margin of “victory” that Joe Biden supposedly achieved last year, thus putting immense pressure on Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to take action and move to decertify the results of the 2020 election, as the true results of the 2020 political contest appear to be unknown,” Infowars continued.

“All voters within the Final Voted File, or VM55, was cross-checked against a commercially available data source provided by Melissa called Personator and 86,391 individuals were found with no record in the database for either their name, or anyone with the same last name at the address in the VM55 file,” according to page 56 of the report entitled “Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit: Volume III: Result Details,” the report added.

A few constitutional experts across the nation have indicated that decertification would actually be a sound legal response if an election was found to have been corrupted after-the-fact.

“We are in uncharted territory, but there are a couple of things to point to,” Eastman said. “We can point to the Hawaii Election of 1960, when the Governor subsequently certified another slate of electors after they discovered error in the initial certification.”

“We can point to Section 2 of Title 3 of the United States Code that says when a state has had an election, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, which is, you know, the choice that was made. The assumption was that it was fraudulently given because of illegal votes. The electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such manner as the legislature of such state may direct,” Eastman explained. “So that recognizes the authority of the Legislature to fix a problem.”

“We also have a backdrop of Common Law, which is, when you have a fraud, the actions taken pursuant to the fraud, are unraveled after discovery of the fraud. If the evidence really does come in as definitive, that the election and the electorals cast from Arizona were fraudulently given, and they should have been given in the other direction, then I think there is ample authority to fix this problem,” Eastman added. “We don’t have to live with a fraudulent election.”

The first letter to Maricopa County was sent from the Attorney General’s office. It requested multiple documents relating to the election, in what seems like the kicking off point of an investigation from the newly founded Elections Integrity Unit, which was put together after the forensic audit report was given to the Arizona Senate.

Here’s a list of evidence that is included in the AG office’s request:

-Hard copies of all documents and other electronically stored information.

-Electronic communications, including emails and the devices used for messaging.

-Electronic data from computers, election systems, spreadsheets and databases, among others.

-Telephone logs and network access information.

-All the equipment used in the election, such as voting machines.

-All physical records, including ballots and voter registration forms.

-All video footage from Maricopa County’s election center.

-Access records for all buildings maintained by the county during the election.

Having audits in every single state is something that should have started months ago. This needs to be done so that any and all instances of voter fraud can be addressed all at once. Also, if it can be proven that Biden did not win this election, then we need to right this wrong.

Decertifying the results is one way in which to make that happen.

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