Dem Official Suspected Of Murdering Journalist Said In 2020 Arrest Wife Acted Like He Was Going To ‘Kill’ Her

(Republican Party News) – Robert Telles, the Public Administrator for Clark County, Nevada, was charged just last week in connection with the Aug. 3 murder of an investigative journalist, can be heard stating that his wife had acted as if he were “going to kill her” during an arrest back in 2020 that was captured on police body camera footage.

A report from Fox News states, “Las Vegas police arrested Telles, 45, after they released photos of the suspect in journalist Jeff German’s killing and the suspect’s vehicle, which matched a description of the vehicle Telles was seen driving before German’s death.”

“In the video captured during his March 1, 2020, arrest over a domestic incident in which he allegedly choked his wife, a drunken Telles repeatedly says he loves his wife and family and would never hurt them, according to FOX5 Las Vegas,” the report revealed.

During one part of the footage, Telles says that his wife was “acting like” he was “going to f—ing kill her.” He then repeatedly informs police that he is a “public official,” as if that will cause them to pause what they are doing and let him go. See? Democrats really do think they are above the law. Unfortunately, the fact so many of them get away with crimes does little to convince the rest of us otherwise.

“Why are you taking me down? I haven’t touched anybody. I haven’t hurt anybody. This is a civil rights violation,” Telles then can be heard telling police in 2020 body camera footage obtained by FOX5.

“I am so not, like, somebody who’s embarrassing. I’m a public official. … I’m not trying to, like, be an a–hole or a jerk,” Telles said. He later tells one of the officers to get in contact with an official in the Clark County Detention Center to “vouch” for him.

“Police in the video can be heard saying that Telles was accused of choking his wife near the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. When an officer suggests that his wife might have been upset with Telles’ drunken state, he tells the cop, ‘Honestly, I’ve been drunker. I’ve been drunker than this, chief,'” Fox News reported.

This case was closed on March 30, 2020. Telles, according to information from FOX5, was ordered to complete a class.

Now, two years later, he’s being accused of murdering German, who was a journalist working the Las Vegas Review-Journal who had discovered potential wrongdoing coming out of Telles’ office. Which, given his history, is not at all surprising. Apparently, this “upset” Telles.

“The 45-year-old Democratic city official is charged with open murder and is currently detained in the Clark County Detention Center,” Fox News said.

The report then added, “Police on Tuesday released a photo of the suspect in German’s killing wearing a bright orange jacket, a large straw hat, black pants and gray sneakers. After Telles’ arrest, authorities revealed that they recovered a cut-up straw hat and cut-up gray sneakers with blood stains from Telles’ home during their investigation into German’s murder. Police said they also found Telles’ DNA at the scene of the crime.”

A report from NRSC News revealed that last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed this situation with Adam Laxalt, who served formerly as the Attorney General for the state of Nevada and is currently running for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

During the introduction of the story, Carlson took some time to mock all of the liberal reactions to the news of Telles arrest last Wednesday.

“So, given their deep concern for the risks that working reporters face, it’s strange how quiet they’ve been about this amazing story — and it is amazing,” Carlson stated with more than a little sarcasm.

“Last week, police say, a Democratic Party politician assassinated — stabbed to death personally — a reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal,” he continued.

Laxalt then brutally slammed Democrats and their “foot-soldiers” for stirring up violence across the United States and then trying to blame Trump and members of the GOP for violence, including the killing of German.

“What did the Democrats do?” Laxalt asked. “There was a Reno politician that immediately somehow tried to blame Donald Trump for this attack. There was a reporter, a left-wing reporter in a press conference with the sheriff of this serious incident, that said: Will you condemn Donald Trump for this incident?”

“And so, it’s just absolutely outrageous that it’s the left’s foot soldiers that burn down America. It’s the left’s foot soldiers that attacked a couple thousand cops, including shooting an officer in Las Vegas just two years ago,” he said.

“These are the people that keep inciting violence in our country. And yet, they want to completely change the subject, from their rhetoric, from their policies, that are making our cities and our communities across America less safe. I certainly hope that the voters are paying attention and that they’re going to hold them accountable in November,” he ranted.

“During his interview with Carlson, Laxalt referred to a controversial Thursday news conference during which Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo and a journalist identified as Dana Gentry of the left-leaning Nevada Current had the following exchange,” the report said.

“Sheriff, you said the murder of a journalist is especially troubling. Now is probably not the appropriate time to talk politics, but do you condemn …,” Gentry started.

Lombardo then interjected, “So why are we talking politics then?”

She responded by saying, “Do you condemn former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?”

Angered by the question, Lombardo refused to “opine on that.”

Democrats are obviously the ones who have issues with violence. All of the rioting proved that to be true.

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