Democrats’ Furious As Abortion Bill Gets Torpedoed By Joe Manchin

(Republican Party News) – Whether Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) knows it or not, he’s become an American hero. He routinely stands in the gap between the radical left and the rest of America which has resulted in the Democrats losing several congressional battles despite having control of both chambers.

Manchin is doing politics right. He has principles and values and refuses to compromise them or sell them out. He knows what his constituents want and he fights for it.

On Wednesday afternoon Manchin made it clear he would not be supporting his party’s desperate attempts to enshrine abortion into law on the federal level.

“It’s just disappointing that we’re going to be voting on a piece of legislation which I will not vote for today,” he told reporters at the Capitol in a video shared by Politico.

He explained, the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” introduced by Democrats “is not Roe v. Wade codification. It’s an expansion.” He added that he would have voted for the bill if it simply codified the 1973 Supreme Court decision establishing the “right” to abortion.

Manchin also told reporters that he has been “pro-life all of my life,” even though he believes there are some exceptions wherein abortion must be allowed. I think reasonable people can agree however Democrats want abortion to be used as birth control. The exceptions where abortion should be an option are incredibly rare.

“We should not be dividing this country further,” he said. “We’re already divided.”

Naturally, Manchin’s announcement that he would not be supporting the bill triggered leftists from coast to coast and they quickly expressed their anger and frustration on social media.

“Joe Manchin is kind of like COVID. Every time we have a little hope, it shuts everything down,” Democratic strategist Jack Cocchiarella wrote in a Wednesday tweet. How clever.

“Manchin has a houseboat. Boats can sink and in fact are sunk all the time,” one Twitter user said. Is that an incitement to violence?

The progressive group Occupy Democrats called for Manchin to be primaried, tweeting, “Sen. Joe Manchin stabs Democrats in the back and will oppose the bill to codify Roe v. Wade and enshrine abortion rights.”

Occupy Democrats must be pretty out of touch with what Americans in West Virginia want.

As expected, the bill did not pass. It didn’t even pick up a simple majority vote let alone the 60 it would need to overcome the filibuster. In the end, 51 senators voted against the bill with 49 voting for it. Ouch.

Prior to the vote, Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer explained that Dems knew the bill would likely fail but that it could be used as a show-vote.

“We are making sure that every senator will have to vote and every American will see how they voted,” Schumer told MSNBC on Tuesday. “The MAGA Republican Party will suffer the consequences electorally when the American people see that.”

Or so he thinks. How out of touch is the Democratic Party? Apparently, severely. These nuts actually think voters support their radical agenda. It’s mind-boggling.

The bill’s supposed purpose was to codify Roe v Wade, however, like all things Democrat it was extreme. It would have outlawed several pro-life protections and thrown the religious freedom of doctors in the US right out the window, forcing them to perform abortions.

Fortunately, there are enough senators in Congress with sense enough not to support this wicked legislation.

Schumer is right, voters will take notice but the majority aren’t going to respond the way he thinks they will.

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  1. Abortion is the murder of God’s unborn children. We have had a genocide of unborn children in our country for a long time and I’m sure that God is not happy with us. One day He will say “enough” and our whole country is going to pay a terrible price for murdering His innocent unborn children.


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