Democrats Have Settled Lawsuit Over Maricopa Audit With Only 9 Days To Go; Experts Set To Stop Signature Matching

(Republican Party News) – After a very long lawsuit that had the Democratic Party taking a few victories in their ultimate goal of ending the forensic audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, Arizona, liberals have now reached a settlement with the firm that is currently conducting the audit along with the Republicans in the state senate, which will result in Cyber Ninjas no longer verifying signatures on early voting envelopes with signatures on file from the voters themselves.

According to Infowars, Cyber Ninjas “and their agents will not compare signatures on early ballot envelopes with signatures from the voter registration file. The Senate Defendants warrant and represent that they are not currently comparing signatures on early ballot envelopes with signatures from the voter registration file, and will notify Plaintiffs within 48hours of any decision to undertake such signature comparison and afford Plaintiffs 48 hours to respond to resolve any concerns.” Also, “If the parties cannot resolve the issue in a mutually agreeable manner, Plaintiffs may seek emergency injunctive and/or declaratory relief in court to seek compliance with the law.”

It’s unclear at this point how many of the signatures have already been verified by Cyber Ninjas. The settlement doesn’t stop the company from being able to share the information concerning matching signatures on the ballots, so if there has been any shenanigans uncovered, they will be able to share that with the public.

National File wasn’t able to locate or obtain any kind of response on the settlement from the Arizona Republican Party, nor those senators who are responsible for making the audit happen. Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward did release a video that clarified much of what the Democrats demanded, including many of the things contained in the settlement, explaining a lot of those things were already in place.

“’It is a simple process, but it has to be run in a professional, secure manner to make sure we get this right,’” said Ward, after explaining the color coordination of those involved with the audit. Addressing security concerns posed by Democrats, Ward added, ‘There are not only 9 cameras in the arena, as you see on the website, and as the Democrats like to claim. There are actually dozens, dozens of private security cameras focused on the tables, on the counters, on the boxes of ballots, and on the machine evaluation areas. There’s no room or tolerance for error,'” the Infowars report said.

Along with bringing the signature matching to an end, some folks in the media and other observers from Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ office will now be allowed to enter the facility where the audit is being completed and observe it. Members of the media now have permission to use red or green pens to take notes and can photograph or capture video of the audit, with the caveat being they cannot include any images of individual ballots.

The left is terrified. They know they are about to be exposed for interfering in the 2020 election. If there weren’t things they wanted to keep hidden, they wouldn’t be so desperately trying to shut down this forensic audit. That much is plain to see.

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