Disturbing Video Shows Young Children Participating In A Nightclub Drag Queen Show & Taking Cash Tips

(Republican Party News) – Democrats are so proud of themselves for capturing America’s culture. Unfortunately, America’s culture is going completely down the drain and Democrats should be ashamed, not proud.

One of the most disturbing trends over the last several years is the sexualization of children. It ranges from inappropriate sex education classes in elementary school, to the transgender agenda, to encouraging children to become drag queens.

Drag queens have been heavily involved in the sexualization of children starting with the seemingly mundane “Drag Queen Story Hour” events that started popping up all over the country a few years ago.

“Woke” parents everywhere showed up with their young, impressionable children to prove just how progressive and “tolerant” they are.

The story hours eventually turned into other things like make-up workshops, “runway” events, and lessons on how to “twerk.” In essence, they started becoming mini drag queen training sessions.

COVID seemed to put these disturbing events on hiatus but now it appears it’s back to business as usual.

Disgusting video has emerged out of Los Angeles showing small children being led around a nightclub at a late night drag queen show. As they’re being paraded about, they’re being encouraged to pose and take cash tips from adults in attendance.

The utter depravity of this is astounding.

The video was posted by an individual in the crowd who was less than amused by the involvement of these small children in the drag show (strong language warning):

The woman who filmed the video was clearly annoyed that these children were at the club at such a late hour and that they were being encouraged to act like “strippers.”

She starts the video by asking “Why in the hell do these people got these f****** little-bitty a** kids at this f****** drag show?”

She continued on and pointed out that it was 11:40 at night and then flipped her camera to show two young girls walking around with a drag queen striking poses and taking cash tips from audience members.

“Look at this shit! They’re f****** throwing money at these little girls, got ’em picking up f****** money off the floor like they’re f****** strippers and s***,” she says at the end of the video clip.

Those who viewed the video on Twitter were similarly disgusted.

“I can’t fathom what kind of woke a** stupid parent lets their little girls parade suggestively in front of a room full of horny sauced-up freaks while they get bills thrown at them like strippers,” one user commented.

“11.40pm. People giving money to children. This is insane,” added another.

COVID put these kinds of depraved incidents on hold temporarily but this is by far the first time children have been inappropriately involved in adult drag queen events.

Back in 2019, a then 12-year-old “drag queen kid” who goes by the name Desmond is Amazing performed on stage at a gay club in New York while the adults in attendance tossed money at him.

In February of last year, a Tik Tok video showed a drag queen dancing inappropriately in front of a girl no older than 6 as surrounding adults cheered and applauded.

The very next month, a school in Brooklyn reportedly handed out stickers to 4-year-olds during a “Drag Queen Story Hour” event. The stickers read, “Drag Queen in Training.”

During the same month, video emerged of a drag queen in the UK teaching toddlers how to properly twerk.

This is the culture that Democrats are so proud of cultivating. They hide the depraved and deviant exploitation of children under the guise of “love,” “tolerance,” and “acceptance.”

In reality, it’s called “grooming” and it’s sick and needs to be put to an end.

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