Epic: Albany Billboard Slams Governor Cuomo, Calls For Impeachment (Must-See!)

(Republican Party News) – As calls mount for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to be impeached amid both a sex scandal and an investigation into the thousands of nursing home deaths for which he has long been blamed, an Albany local has paid for an epic billboard slamming the feckless Democrat.

Gun store owner Brian Olesen paid for the epic message over his anger that there is yet to be anyone held accountable to “defend these people that passed away and their families.”

“The purpose is to demand that he be held accountable for the mass deaths at the nursing homes. Our original message was ‘He lied, they died,’ but the billboard company rejected it,” Olesen told The New York Post.

“I can’t believe nobody defended these people that passed away and their families,” he added. “Where were our elected officials? How did they let this go on?”

While Cuomo is facing increasing scrutiny from his own lawmakers over his cover-up of thousands of nursing home deaths amid the pandemic that came after he signed an executive order requiring long-term care facilities re-amid COVID-positive patients.

He also just so happens to have been accused of sexual harassment by a former staffer at the same time.

Typical corrupt Democrat.

Olesen explained that the elderly deaths “combined with these sexual allegations, I think people in this state have had it. And people are going to take the initiative now to seek this guy’s removal.”

After dropping the $8,500 a month for the epic billboard, Olesen says people have been calling his establishment, American Shooter Supply in Albany, and warning that he might be targeted by the state. He said that people have been calling his store, American Shooter Supply, and warning that the state might come after him over the $8,500 a month billboard.

“I had customers calling up saying, ‘You obviously don’t want to stay in business,’” Olesen said. “Look at what happened to anyone with state liquor license who spoke up about the lockdowns.

“I told them, I do want to stay in business, but enough’s enough,” the business owner explained. “When you feel this huge frustration you have to stand up.”


What does it say about the state of our nation that a business owner is being warned by fellow citizens he shouldn’t make such a bold First Amendment statement if he doesn’t want to be targeted by the government?

We need more citizens like Olesen who stand up to tyrants.

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