False Leftist Narrative Exposed As Black Lives Matter Activist Charged With Anti-Asian Hate Crime

(Republican Party News) – The left has been waging a war against “white supremacy” and “racism” for years now except this war is being totally perpetuated by sensationalized media propaganda, fake news and outright disinformation.

Since the death of George Floyd, the left has really ramped up their insistence that all white people are racists and all black people are helpless victims of systemic racism.

Then the COVID ordeal opened the door for white Americans to also be racist against Asian Americans.

When a mass shooting in Georgia targeted a massage salon where six of the eight victims were of Asian descent, the media ran wild with the story claiming that the white shooter was motivated by racist hate fueled by President Trump.

You know, because President Trump apparently implied that Asians are bad and white people should hate them because of the coronavirus.

The reality is, the shooter was motivated by sex addiction and the incident had nothing to do with race. The shooter himself outright said that he was not motivated at all by race.

That didn’t stop the mainstream media, however, from pushing the narrative that white people in America hate Asians and are persecuting them.

Interestingly, their narrative is constantly being exposed as fake. Just recently, a Black Lives Matter activist was arrested in Seattle for allegedly committing two separate hate crimes against Asian people.

That doesn’t sound very “white supremacist” to us.

Pamela Cole, an Asian, recounted to KIRO 7 News her experience on March 16 during which she and her small children endured a frightening attack by a man who was later revealed to be 51-year-old BLM activist Christopher Hamner.

As evidenced by Hamner’s own social media accounts, he was heavily involved in BLM events and protests in Seattle including numerous protests and Seattle’s infamous autonomous zone CHOP.

“The moment he made eye contact with me he stopped, opens his door and he’s screaming, ‘F— you, you Asian b—-. F— you!’ and I was in complete shock. Are you talking to me?” Cole said.

Cole described feeling like “sitting ducks” as Hamner aggressively got out of his vehicle and demanded that they get out of theirs too.

“I just felt so defenseless and so helpless. And you know as a mom, all we want to do is take care of our kids and protect them,” Cole said.

She continued on to explain how even after the traffic light changed and she drove away, Hamner continued to follow her and throw objects at her car. She eventually pulled over and called the police.

The Hill reports that Hamner is accused of committing a similar hate crime just two days prior to the incident with Cole. The previous incident involved Hamner cutting off two Asian women in a vehicle that had a dashboard camera.

The police were able to identify Hamner as the suspect and, again, this incident featured Hamner throwing objects and charging at the vehicle.

Hamner naturally pleaded not guilty to hate crimes after being charged and his bail was set at $10,000.

These incidents serve to expose just how hard the corrupt media and Democrats work to unfairly suggest that white people, led by President Trump, are behind all the hate in America.

As pointed out by Twitter user Elijah Schaffer, crime stats also don’t support the radical left’s narrative on race and hate crimes.

“Though black people comprise 13% of the pop.

They committed 27.5% of all violent crimes against Asian Americans in 2018.

While whites comprise 62% of the pop. the commit 24% of crimes against Asians.

But please tell me how white supremacy is the issue.”

Summit News reports that every recent major incident where Asians have been targeted by violent criminals in “hate crime” attacks, the perpetrators have turned out to be black men.

It was only a matter of time before the media’s house of cards came crashing down.

Video: Mistaking Asian Woman As White, Asian Man Kidnapped And Tried To Rape Her Over Hate Crimes!

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