FBI Asks Americans To Snitch On Their Own Family

(Republican Party News) – The FBI recently posted a tweet over the weekend that encouraged Americans to check on their family members in order to make sure they aren’t involved in planning any “extremism,” which then resulted in a ton of comparisons to authoritarian communist governments.

Our government is no longer even attempting to hide its overreach anymore. They are going all out, boldly, to assert their authority over every citizen of this country, completely ignoring the Fourth Amendment as if it never existed.

According to a report from Infowars, the wording of the post, which provides a link to a Department of National Intelligence (DNI) “booklet” that seeks to inform people of “homegrown violent extremism” is very clear (screen shots here and here).

The document from 2019 features images that are commonly associated with radical Islamic terrorism and goes on to list “mobilization indicators,” which includes “communicating directly with violent extremists online.”

However, the vibe of this tweet is clearly all about getting folks to do the FBI’s dirty work and spy on their own families simply for having a different set of values or beliefs than they might possess.

In the meantime, other folks on Twitter noted that actual, legitimate homegrown extremism is being totally ignored:

The FBI has been milking the incident at the Capitol that happened back in January as a means of justification for violating the rights of American citizens, promising the very naïve leftists out there that they are doing all of this to keep them safe and secure.

Of course, the truth is, they aren’t doing that at all. What they are doing is usurping power and authority from the governed, which they will abuse in order to keep folks under their thumb.

This move by the FBI follows Facebook’s decision to basically ask folks to spy on their friends and supposedly help them not to be radicalized.

The radical left in America seems to think that the George Orwell classic, “1984” is some kind of playbook for helping them suppress the general public in this country instead of the warning against fascism that it actually is.

We need to be informed and aware of what the left is trying to do when it comes to silencing the voices on the right. And that’s what this is really all about. Silencing the opposition.

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  1. When we vote a real president in next time, perhaps we should demand the dismantling of the deep state police forces in D.C., and start over with something else.

  2. I don’t know what the problem is ”Comrades” it is standard operating procedure in all Soviet Block and other tyrannical governments. How fortunate we are, now we can annex Cuba, Haiti and all of the destitute Carrabin nations you know. We now have a Balkanized, Fascist-Communist Administration run by Comrade Obama.


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