FINALLY: Hillary Clinton Throws In The Towel Against Trump

(Republican Party News) – It seems that twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who might be the most corrupt political figure in the history of this country, has finally accepted her defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump as she has squashed speculation she is planning on running for president in 2024.

According to a report from The Western Journal, earlier in the year, as Joe Biden’s popularity took a sharp nose dive, there was a lot of rumors swirling around about various individuals who thought there might be a chance that Hillary would try running for office in 2024 in order to provide a glimmer of hope for her party winning the election.

“No, out of the question,” she went on to say when asked about a potential 2024 campaign. “First of all, I expect Biden to run. He certainly intends to run. It would be very disruptive to challenge that.”

Clinton was interviewed by the news outlet, The Financial Times.

Biden, who has still not really offered any kind of definitive statement concerning his intention to run again in 2024, is already 79 years old. A piece written by Mark Leibovich from The Atlantic stated that when 2024 comes around and Biden is then 81, he will be “too old” to be the president.

Hillary has made it clear that her priority is to ensure that a member of the GOP does not become the next president, according to information contained in a report from the Washington Examiner.

“We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window,” Clinton stated.

“Look, the most important thing is to win the next election,” she continued. “The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.”

The former secretary of state then remarked on Trump, who beat her in 2016.

“I think if he can, he’s going to run again,” Clinton commented. “Follow the money with Trump — he’s raised about $130 million sitting in his bank account that he used to travel around, to fund organizing against elections.”

“I don’t know who will challenge him in the Republican primary,” she went on to say.

In an op-ed that was published back in January, the Wall Street Journal put forth a reason for the increase in chatter concerning Hillary running in 2024.

“A perfect storm in the Democratic Party is making a once-unfathomable scenario plausible: a political comeback for Hillary Clinton in 2024,” Doug Schoen and Andrew Stein went on to write.

“Several circumstances — President Biden’s low approval rating, doubts over his capacity to run for re-election at 82, Vice President Kamala Harris’s unpopularity, and the absence of another strong Democrat to lead the ticket in 2024 — have created a leadership vacuum in the party, which Mrs. Clinton viably could fill,” they stated.

Trump has also not made a definitive statement about his intentions to run in 2024, but he has dropped a number of hints that the issue is something he’s thinking about.

“We did it twice, and we’ll do it again,” he stated last month during the Conservative Political Action Conference, according to a report from Newsweek, making a reference to the 2020 election as his second win. “We’re going to be doing it again a third time.”

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  1. Lord Jesus has answered my prayers. I’m so bloody sick of hearing Hillary Clintons name I could throw up.
    The only time I ever want her name mentioned and her husband as well is when they are doing the perp walk for their crimes. I will not hold my breath nor live long enough to see that day come!

  2. Really who wants the Clinton ?????? That family is so corrupt , they have a list of strange and unusual suspicious loss of friends and employees dieing abruptly and in odd ways like the young Seth Rich (2 bullets to the back of his head ) Because he was caught releasing info about Hillary’s campaign . Bill is a pedophile he spent a lot of time on pedophile island with Epstein ,how committed suicide …….what a family

  3. The sentence “follow the money” coming out of the mouth of hillary is hysterical, the last time we heard those words spoken the money was followed from the Clinton foundation right into her and bill’s bank accounts, she is the last person on earth that should ever utter those words. She is a corrupt loser and the majority of Americans know it and hate her, Hell the democrats even hate her.

    • Patti, I swear they don’t think what THEY do is criminal. Remember we’re just a bunch of deplorable hicks. If you’re not in her cult your just stupid. Thank God we are not on that train heading to the Hillary Cult in the hottest regions of hell.


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