Former Fox Producer Drops Bombshell On Network

(Republican Party News) – A former news producer for Fox News has come out and said that she’s “enraged” by “disgusting” behavior by the network’s connection to the paid promotion of the coronavirus vaccine and how it has deceived viewers concerning the mandates to get the jab.

This isn’t surprising. Fox News, while much better than most networks at providing a more balanced view of the issues, still tends to lean to the left on some stuff, mostly in what seems like a means to try and expand viewers from just its conservative base. It’s still all about the dollar. Money talks, people listen.

Producer Breanna Morello revealed that she bolted from the Fox network when the company started to force employees to take the COVID shots. She then dropped a huge bombshell, claiming that the Fox Corporation was actually receiving big money from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to promote the shots on the air.

“Many people at Fox were upset. Nobody wants to talk about it,” Breanna Morello went on to tell David and Stacey Whited at, according to a report from WND. “But the company did take HHS money and in fact did force us to comply with the vaccine mandates that were already deemed illegal by the Supreme Court when Joe Biden tried implanting them.”

Morello then pointed out that primetime host Tucker Carlson is finally beginning to question the pro-vaccine narrative being pushed by the media and the government itself, but went on to say it’s “almost too late.”

“I can only speak to what we went through, and they gave us hell for this. So, I’m glad he’s speaking out now, I know that this isn’t gonna sit well with the executives,” the report continued.

The WND report revealed that Morello is now working with Emerald Robinson on “The Absolute Truth,” and went on to say, “Emerald does a great piece in our Friday show, she does a monologue about how Fox is changing their narrative and they’re trying to spin it as if they aren’t this pro-vax company.”

“We do play a Sean Hannity clip where Sean Hannity does, in fact, encourage an audience to get the vaccine. And he doesn’t disclose the fact that his network was paid by HHS to promote the vaccine, which is disgusting, and is against every journalistic standard, and there’s no accountability. Now they’re backing away, we’re seeing everyone back away from this vaccine, back away from what they stood for this entire time,” she said.

“They called us crazy,” Morello then stated. “They called us conspiracy theorists and they wanted us all to go hungry and they all wanted us to go homeless, lose everything that we’ve ever worked for. They want us to lose our jobs, they want us to lose everything. I’m just getting enraged by just thinking about this, but these people knew what they were doing at the time. They never stood up for any of us.”

She then went on to directly address Fox executives, saying, “You discriminated against us, you came swinging for all of us and made us all look like we were crazy.”

“When I started tweeting that they were complying with the vaccine mandates, we had ‘Fox & Friends’ anchors going on air and saying they were not vaccinated. And that there’s no vaccine mandate at Fox. That’s garbage! That’s absolute garbage. They’re intentionally going around the fact that they complied with the vaccine mandate in New York City that they knew was illegal,” Morello stated.

“They’re not on our side when it comes to this issue. They’re cowards. But they’re gonna pretend like it is now, like pretend like they’re all on our side,” she added.

The comments from Morello are hitting hard as there are more mysterious deaths coming about, with a few folks in the media actually pointing toward the coronavirus vaccine being responsible for them.

“On Saturday, Jason Jenkins, the senior vice president for the Miami Dolphins football team, died of an unknown cause, the Palm Beach Post reported,” the report went on to say.

“There’s a pandemic that nobody is talking about. It’s the pandemic of ‘Unknown Cause of Death’ (UCOD),” J.D. Rucker at the Liberty Daily went on to say about Jenkins’ sudden demise.

“It is quickly becoming the most deadly ailment in the world, but corporate media and governments are not mentioning it at all. There is no known cure for it and there is no vaccine to prevent it. In fact, many would (rightly) argue the most likely cause of the UCOD Pandemic is the Covid ‘vaccines’ themselves,” he stated.

“As with all corporate media stories on topics dealing with UCOD cases, they skim past the mystery of the death, never mention Covid or the vaccines, and proceed to fill the rest of the stories with reactions from friends and a short life story,” he added.

“Meanwhile, studies and statistics continue to emerge pointing to a definite correlating and probable causal relationship with the rollout of the Covid jabs. For example, new data out of Israel shows total deaths in 2021 were higher with the jabs being rolled out than at the peak of Covid hysteria in 2020. More importantly, with Covid practically out of the picture in 2022, deaths are even higher than in 2021,” he stated.

“I’m neither a doctor nor a mathematician, but I can read basic facts and draw obvious conclusions. It’s the jabs. Short- and long-term adverse reactions are killing people,” he went on, adding, “This is why there’s such a sharp rise in UCOD cases. Big Tech is getting a little less restrictive about Covid injection truth. A little. It’s important we share this information with as many as possible to prevent further ‘vaccinations’ and ‘boosters’ from reaching arms across the globe.”

The bottom line is, this vaccine was highly experimental. No one really knew how this was going to work, though you’d never guess that by the way the left-wing media kept trying to push folks into getting the jab. Now people are dying and having such awful reactions to the ingredients in the vaccine that the “cure” has become far worse than the disease itself.

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  1. So, the criticism of FOX in this matter seems to be that they promoted the taking of the vaccines but did not reveal to the world that they were being paid by vaccine producers to do so? Does that somehow indicate that their backing of the vaccines was not based on a genuine belief that the medicine promoted better health in far more people than it may have affected negatively?
    Mask and vaccine mandates became very common after the disease became a worldwide killer. Still, while doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other such health providers routinely accept money for their services, I find it hard to believe without conclusive proof that any group or single one of them would have endangered the public by endorsing a medication they suspected was harmful to its recipients. Being paid to serve on a police force does not mean that the money is an ongoing bribe to corrupt your otherwise common belief that crime and disorder are perfectly acceptable and even desirable products of living in one’s society.
    No one’s perfect, but I believe FOX is an admirable contributor to American life.

    • Being paid to serve on a police force is not where the corruption starts for most. Corruption usually starts when that police officer accepts payment from some outside organization or individual to look the other way or act in a corrupt manner. That’s not to say a police officer won’t act corrupt on their own. It’s possible that some executives in Fox may have a genuine belief that the COVID drug was a good thing. However, with all the fuss about bodily autonomy now days, they probably shouldn’t have coerced their employees into taking it. Promotion of the COVID drug is one thing and I don’t think Fox would be wrong to promote it, especially if they were paid. Thousands of pharmaceutical drugs are promoted every day and most have worse side affects than the symptoms they’re supposed to treat. Question for me would be, did they promote the drug like all the other drugs by telling the side affects or did they only tell one side of the story? That’s neither here nor there. But ultimately, it should be an individual’s choice if they want to use it or not.

  2. The covid pandemic was a crime against humanity. From the unconstitutional forced lockdowns that created the largest transfer of wealth in human history. To the mandatory covid shots you weren’t allowed to question. Not to mention that Dr. Fauci was funding gain of function operations in Wuhan China and our OWN media was desperately trying to hide the story of the China lab leak. Our own media told us that it came from bats… we actually went along with a communist country’s narrative ? What if this had nothing to do with bats what if the virus they cooked up was from a completely different animal ? It’s obviously not something our media cares about. We are living in insanity and every tyranny we endure is what we accept. The CDC has allowed and recommended vaccines for Children Knowing they are not safe or effective and that children are not at serious risk. Our country needs to wake up.

  3. You are absolutely correct. This was the biggest hoax on the American people, who didn’t check it out for themselves. When a government forces people to go against their beliefs or decisions or lose their jobs, that sends up a red flag. To stay away from this, it’s not good for you. Wake up America, do your research, don’t believe everything you read, hear. Keep searching for the truth.

  4. The Chinese silent weapon . manufacturing the bioweapon called the Wuhan Plague. DC changed the name to appease the Chnese and named it aa royally Corona vrus, which mean “CROWN”

  5. FOX news and other government shills must be sued into oblivion for allowing government to influence the press. This is nothing more than a bribe, a pay off, a pay to play method and it is most likely unconstitutional. When will we start seeing the names of these government influence peddlers? I hope Trump will consider jail time for these government swindlers and extortionists when he drains the swamp when he becomes President again.

  6. I gave up on watching FOX News. They are leaning towards the Turncoats. I only watch FOX for the local weather. For real, true news, I’ve gone to NEWSMAX. They are straight forward with no money being dumped into their pockets by the Demo-Commies and Soros.

    • Good move! I’ve done the same. NewsMax is THE only reliable source of news. They sure have blown the whistle on the Commie stations with the truth!


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