Former WH Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Makes Serious Declaration About Upcoming Elections

(Republican Party News) – One of the things we often hear during an election cycle is how important the one we’re currently in is, how historic, and other kinds of rhetoric that is usually designed to motivate folks to get out to the polls and participate in one of the foundational elements of our republic. However, most of the time, it’s just bluster.

That’s all changed now.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has come out and stated there’s absolutely no doubt that the midterm elections going down in November are the most critical in the history of our nation, says a report from WND. And there’s a lot of reasons to believe he’s right on the money.

Look at how devastated our economy is thanks to the failed policies of Joe Biden and his administration. We have record high gas prices, the cost of food and other goods is so expensive that folks are having a hard time affording basic necessities that just over a year ago were no problem to pick up.

During an interview with Alicia Powe on Red Voice Media, Bannon went on to say that Democrats are attempting to create a huge distraction with the raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, the rounding up of more than 50 of the former president’s closest allies, and by demonizing everyone who is supports the policies of the Trump administration as “domestic terrorists.”

“We can’t let them divert us from our mission,” he stated during the interview.

He continued on, saying that what we need to do now is “very simple.”

“We have to bring everything to bear to destroy the Democratic Party at the ballot box on the 8th of November,” he remarked, explaining the steps conservatives need to take. “And that is our mission. There is no substitute for victory.”

It’s odd, but every time we have critically important elections, it’s hard to get enough Republicans in the country to rally together at the polls to cast a ballot and effect real change in the country. We as conservatives love to complain about the nation going to hell in a handbasket, but how many of us actually lift a finger to actually do anything?

Not many of us.

We can’t afford to be so lazy this time around, folks. It’s time to stop complaining from the comfort of our couches and get in the game. There’s not a single politician alive that can help fix this nation. It’s up to the people of the United States to stand up and take action. It’s a team effort. All of those diehard conservatives running for office right now can’t represent our interests in the government unless we put them there. Get to the polls this November. Show the Democrats we are united together in the cause of liberty. No more excuses.

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  1. My biggest worry is, now that the Dems have STOLEN one election, they’ll do it again and again.
    There is a T-shirt that says it all……………. Biden was NOT VOTED IN, he was installed…… like a toilet.
    Think that pretty much hits the nail on the head….

    • Scott A. makes a point here. (Fraudulentcy in elections is a BIG deal)

      I sure hope that “the truth shall set ye free” become reality………..

      Former USNR Officer – – – whose mentors hailed from the “Greatest Generation”

  2. It’ll be fun to find out just how many votes the demon-rats are able to pull out of thin air. They manufactured 12 million in 2020. Can they get 15 million in 2022?

  3. Anyone who believes that the 2020 election was stolen has YET to present ANY concrete evidence to support that conspiracy theory and is completely delusional.
    Anyone believing anything that Steve Bannon has to say is also completely delusional.

    • There is lots of information, about how corrupt the last election was, you just choose to ignore it.
      Ignoring the truth about the last election, will hurt all Americans in the long run.
      America is on the verge of collapse, is that what you want to happen to our nation? We no longer have a Democrat party but liberals who are destroying our nation.
      Biden has been responsible for the government spending over $5 trillion dollars, since he took office.
      A nation can not start spending money without any regard to the budget. We can not solve all our problems in one term. Our short term debt is, over $31 trillion and long term debt is over $272 trillion, there is not enough money in the world to pay off our debt.
      We are all in this together, when America goes down, it does not matter if you are a Republican or democrat.

      • It’s called a typical libby..blame everyone and then turn a blind eye…when you get caught…they have been doing it for the last fifty years!…And talking to them is like talking to a wall…indoctrinated..manipulated …followers!!

    • Open uour eyes Bill. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
      Maricopa Arizona is only tbe start. Several other documented instances waiting to get their court time.
      Evidence from Jan 6 “investigation” will backfire as facts are publicized, not smokescreen news reports.
      Biden investigation from the new House will cause the Walls Of Jerico to crumble.

  4. I was wondering why before the elections of 2021 US was in mids of county destruction by gangs, which devasted shops and homes. Once Joe Biden was elected suddenly all the rebellion was stopped. Why? Nothing basically changed. I just have an impression that all the street rebellion was controlled. By whom?

  5. If you think anyone who is not a ghost or made up citizen voted for this person now in the White House after the record of actions and events clearly seen by all here and abroad is true and an honest elected President is in power now: wow are we the people in trouble and pray to G-d for a miracle to remove the current devastating administration for the benefit of al the American Citizens and our future generations.

  6. Why is anyone listening to anything this blowhard individual says? Even TRUMP fired him; he only served for 8-9 months as national security adviser and NOTHING of importance happened during that period. Trump pardoned him for Bannonn’s involvement in the “Build The Wall” fraud that his partners have already been indicted for on a federal and state level; Bannon’s pardon is only for the federal level. Apparently more than enough evidence exists to provide such indictments – draw your own conclusions when not a single dollar acquired has been used to build any wall on our Southern border. Bannon is also been convicted and is facing up to two years for failing to answer a Congressional supoena for his direct involvement in the “Big Lie” and the 6Jan insurrection. Why is ANYONE giving any credence to any utterance by this political syncopat ??

  7. Within Our True America Our Right to Vote MUST be Very Well Protected!!! Our Right to Vote MUST be Utilized by Every American Citizen Registered Voter!!! Our Right to Vote MUST be CHERISHED!!!!! As Mr. Steve Bannon Stipulated the up coming November 8th Midterm Election is a Most Critical Election in America’s History!!!! Our True America and Our True Values MUST be Restored!!!!! We have seen over the Past Two (2) years with the Fraudulent O’Biden Administration and his Deep Dark State Handlers what We The People Can Expect to Continue and Worsen Over the Additional Two (2) Years!!!!! They Must Be Stopped!!!! The Skillfully Demoncrat Socialist Party along with the Deep Dark State with Their Totally Corrupted and Fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election Must be Overturned!!!!!!

  8. Everyone seems to think that the Biden policies are failing,
    I think it’s what his puppet masters want him to do, they are bringing down western civilization ON-PURPOSE! So in the sick minds of whoever the super-elite are Biden is a complete success..

  9. Anyone who claims that the Biden-Harris Regime hasn’t brought this country to the brink of collapse, on so many levels, is either Lying or so divorced from reality their sanity is questionable.
    Every claim of success by this Regime is so blatantly false it would be comical, except for the destruction it’s causing.
    Is this the most critical election we’ve had in modern times? It depends on whether the Voter believes in checks and balances or total hegemonic authoritarian control of our government by one party.
    One things for certain, watching this Regime stumble from crisis to crisis of their own creation for two more years, the Constitutional Republic we once had will be over.


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