Gen. Flynn Bombshell: I Visited The Border And Saw What Biden Is Prepping

(Republican Party News) – Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn put out a piece for the Western Journal where he revealed that he has paid a visit to the southern border and has witnessed first-hand what Biden is preparing, warning the U.S. that we must resist what’s coming.

Flynn started off by mentioning that many Americans were glad to hear that a judge from Louisiana, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, enjoined the Biden administration’s recent plan to try and open up the southern border and allow even more illegal aliens into the country.

As if the thousands upon thousands who are currently streaming in aren’t enough, right? Then again, the left is trying to ensure they employ the use of every tool at their disposal to win every election from here until eternity, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Biden isn’t doing anything to solve this crisis.

Biden’s Center for Disease Control ordered the rescission of President Trump’s Title 42 policy, which was originally established back in March 2020. This order gave border officers additional power to reject immigrants for public health purposes related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In March 2020, under the Trump Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had implemented the so-called Title 42 “Order Suspending Introduction of Certain Persons from Countries Where a Communicable Disease Exists.” The Title 42 policy allows illegal immigrants to the United States from Canada or Mexico to be turned away at the border and returned to their home countries under expedited procedures if they came from countries with high rates of COVID-19 infection,” Flynn wrote.

“The district court enjoined the Biden CDC from rescinding the Trump order because the CDC failed to comply with the ‘notice and comment’ requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act. While it is always dangerous to give federal government bureaucrats broad powers to issue regulations, the situation is even worse when those bureaucrats impose rules without following the law. Here, Biden’s CDC offered several excuses as to why they should not have been required to give notice to the American people of this change, and ask for their input, but the judge would have none of that. It was a great, solid opinion,” the former Trump national security adviser stated in his op-ed piece.

He then stated that while the Biden Justice Department might appeal the current loss to the Fifth Circuit, the full magnitude of this victory is something that cannot be understated.

Flynn noted that the ruling from Judge Robert R. Summerhays demonstrated that a staggering 25,000 illegal migrants are currently waiting in Mexican shelters for Title 42 to be brought to an end.

Intelligence, the retired general said, has revealed that the number of illegals in the northern part of Mexico who are waiting to cross into the United States is between 30,000 and 60,000. Folks, that’s a lot of potential Democratic Party voters.

“Immigration is already out-of-control, with 400,000 ‘getaways’ in FY2021 and about 300,000 “getaways” already during the first half of FY2022. Without Title 42 authority, it was estimated “border crossing” will increase from 7,000 per day to 18,000 per day. These numbers are huge — 18,000 migrants per day is more than a half million per month or 6.5 million per year,” Flynn wrote.

“The day on which this mass invasion will begin has been stopped for now — for which we should all be thankful — but the day of reckoning has only been postponed. Over the weekend, I visited the border town Eagle Pass, Texas, and I saw firsthand that the Biden administration is making preparations for a significant upswing in the number of illegals crossing the border,” he continued.

Flynn then said that one of the best signs of the litigation was that it was a joint-effort put together and implemented by states that have responsible state governors and attorneys general. The lawsuit in question was led by the states of Arizona, Louisiana, and Missourie, but they were joined by a total of 21 other states, making a total of 24, asking the courts to put a stop to the termination of Title 42.

Well, would you look at that? The states worked together to oppose something the federal government was doing that it shouldn’t be doing and it worked. Imagine that.

“The plaintiff states also argued that the CDC’s decision is ‘arbitrary and capricious,’ and failed to ‘consider[] the relevant factors’ relating to all ‘important aspect[s] of the problem’ to be addressed by the change. The states allege that the CDC admits that the termination of the Title 42 Order will ‘impose enormous costs upon the States’ but that it did not ‘make any attempt to analyze those substantial harms’ (Id. at 9-10, emphasis added). Thus, half the states have demonstrated they are prepared to defend the economic interests of their state government,” the former general stated.

“Another positive sign is the fracturing of unity among elected Democrats. Democratic senators like Raphael Warnock of Georgia, Jon Tester of Montana, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have joined calls for the CDC to slow the termination of Title 42. Senator Manchin called the CDC’s action ‘frightening,'” the piece by Flynn added.

Flynn then went on to write, “The question now is, what shall be the strategy to stop Biden going forward? Although there may be other communicable diseases waiting in the wings, eventually the pandemic predicate for the Title 42 Order will fade, and the Biden administration will be able to rescind the Trump rule. It is possible that the Republicans will take Congress this fall, but the power of the uniparty is strong, and it is doubtful it can muster the fortitude to reverse Biden’s open-door policies.”

He then said that if there is to be a solution to this issue, it has to come from the states. Half of the states joined forces as plaintiffs in this case, and as a result, have “awakened from their slumber and passivity.”

Flynn went on to say that the question that needs to be asked now is just how aggressively the states will come out and fight to protect the sovereign borders of each of their individual states.

According to the former Trump era national security adviser, there are now several strategies that have been advanced over the course of the last few months for states to stem the tide of illegals coming over the border, however, even with the victory from last Friday, there are 7,000 illegals coming into the country every single day. And then you have the Biden administration flying these illegals across the nation to resettle them courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

This is unacceptable.

“In some future articles, I will explore the other strategies being discussed to stop illegal immigration. I consider these articles to be among the most important I have ever written because as President Reagan told us: ‘A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” Everything is at stake. Resist we must. Resist we will,'” Flynn concluded.

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  1. What is so unsettling is that by court orders Biden was ordered to reinstate the Trump Remain In Mexico Policy months ago and to my knowledge has not done so. Biden has also been court ordered to leave in effect the Title 42 to protect Americans from COVID 19 brought into the country by illegal immigrants. The news of the Title 42 ending on Monday past has not been broadcast so that illegals will know not to try and cross the border, but that makes no difference. Biden and his minions are hell bent on destroying America for their own selfish gains and some BS New World Order of a one world government. America is a Constitutional Republic of States and as such we are an independent and Sovereign nation. We have our Constitutional and rule of laws that protect us and should remain in place. Anyone trying to usurp our Constitution and our Sovereignty are traitors to this country and should be put to death. Biden has no authority to make binding Treaties or agreements with foreign nations or entities to place the United States under control of another governing body.


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