Gen. Flynn Bombshell: Next 24 Hours Massive Corruption Will Be Exposed

(Republican Party News) – Wokeness in America strikes again. The family of former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn has issued a resolute statement in response to a report that the University of Rhode Island’s new president has recommended that the institution revoke an honorary degree conferred upon Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The Flynn family called the move corrupt and indeed it is considering the decision has been based purely on politics rather than any real justification.

URI President Marc Parlange has only been in his current position since August but he apparently feels that revoking the honorary degree and one conferred upon former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2003 are the university’s top priorities.

The committee that oversees URI’s honorary degrees voted on Dec. 10 to revoke both degrees. The Providence Journal cited a letter to the school’s board of trustees which explained, “based on their findings that General Flynn and Mayor Giuliani no longer represent the highest level of our values and standards that were evident when we first bestowed the degree.”

Parlange’s letter stated, “As a civic institution, URI has the privilege and responsibility to sustain and preserve American democracy by insuring and modeling good citizenship,” adding that “Revoking these honorary degrees reinforces our values and allows us to lead with truth and integrity.”

Flynn told The Western Journal in exclusive comments, “This is another example of cancel culture and ‘wokeness’ in our academic institutions.”

“And I know there is a concerted effort to attack me from certain elements on the Left, mainly because of my very visible stance fighting back against the socialist takeover of our country.”

“It will get national attention in the next 24 hours,” he predicted.

The Flynn family issued a statement in response to Parlange’s recommendation to revoke the honorary degree and described it as “a cowardly and corrupt attempt to discredit our brother, Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.) and his life’s mission and work, without cause.”

“With this flawed and crooked action, URI endorses the destructive and tyrannical cancel culture, bowing down to the woke mob and repressive forces, while revealing itself to lack the intellectual capacity, fortitude or integrity that is required of an American public university in the 21st century,” the statement said.

“Astoundingly, URI’s new President Mr. Marc Parlange distorts the facts and adopts lies and gossip spread for years in connection with the, now confirmed, framing of General Flynn,” the family argued in their statement.

They slammed Parlange saying his recommendation to revoke the degree “lacks moral courage, prioritizes pettiness over principles, and sets an unsavory, disturbing precedent.”

Flynn told The Western Journal that “This saga has been festering for a year” and that he and his family have “had enough.”

The left will never back down from trying to discredit, destroy and silence Gen. Flynn. They know he knows too much and that he’s a true American patriot and will never stop fighting for the American people and truth.

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