Gen. Michael Flynn BOMBSHELL: Here’s How We Can End The Ukraine Crisis Today

(Republican Party News) – The Ukrainian situation is far from a resolution but General Michael Flynn has written an op-ed explaining what he believes would be the best way to resolve the escalating conflict.

Flynn explained that Putin is not a crazy madman like the media portrays him to be and that he just majorly miscalculated his support in Ukraine. As you may be aware, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a corrupt tyrant in his own right. That and the fact that Putin is relatively popular in Ukraine, led Putin to believe he would be supported.

Of course, he never tried this when President Trump was in office because Trump made it clear he was not going to tolerate any aggression from Putin. With the feeble and frail, bumbling Joe Biden in the White House, Putin knows he can get away with basically whatever he wants.

Thus, here we are.

Flynn, however, believes the answer to ending this conflict is the Budapest Agreement. Which would “give Putin an out” and provide “Ukraine a unique and long-term security opportunity.”

The retired general explained, “when the Soviet Union broke up after decades of the now-distant Cold War, Ukraine had more nuclear weapons than China and was the third-biggest nuclear power in the world.”

The Budapest Agreement stipulated that Ukraine “would give up its nuclear weapons if both Russia and the US agreed not to invade.” There’s a lot more to it than just that but that’s the essence of the agreement.

Putin is clearly in violation of this agreement which grants the US and some European nations the opportunity to enforce it.

Flynn explains:

Part One: Russia wants a neutral Ukraine. The Budapest Agreement can be considered an agreement of neutrality. Obviously, if Russia adheres to the agreement, then Ukraine doesn’t need to join NATO. And NATO can agree that having Ukraine join would be a violation of the Budapest accord. This is something that I believe Putin would seriously consider (and possibly accept), and it meets half of his demands. This gives him a way out without killing more people.

Part Two: Putin wants Ukraine to renounce any claim to Crimea. Ukraine should agree, with a major caveat.

Flynn writes that Putin asserts Crimea was “unlawfully given to Ukraine in the 1950s and, true or not, he wants it back.” Now Ukraine has no hope of ever getting Crimea back without a major war and, while most people don’t understand this, Putin is very popular in Crimea and, as Flynn notes, “there is a strong attachment to Russia in the region” and says that it’s a loss Ukraine will just have to take.

The “major caveat” mentioned by Flynn is that Ukraine has made a lot of improvements in Crimea since the 1950s and there should be a large price placed on that for Russia. “It should be a significant and long-term repayment.”

Flynn continues:

Part Three: Finally, Putin must emphasize that the targeting of civilians was against his orders and that he will help to rebuild some of Ukraine. He can claim that senior generals or other Russian defense officials failed to follow his orders and publicly fire them. (Maybe those fired will be allowed to come to the U.S. and work at a Washington, D.C., think tank). However the provision may be described, it gives Putin the chance to call this insane war off.

Unfortunately, there is no one in the current regime smart or tactical enough to come up with this resolution. That’s not the only problem, however.

Flynn points out. “The bigger problem is that our current administration is not strong enough to deal with Putin. He likely has other cards to play against us. Maybe this option is one the U.S. should stay away from and instead can be pushed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the U.K. or President Emmanuel Macron in France.”

I don’t know about you but I could sure go for a mean tweet and world stability right about now.

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  1. Unfortunately for everyone, and I mean GLOBALLY, Logic will not be observed because people have their boxers in a twist so anything goes!

  2. At this juncture, it would be nice if General Flynn, had any pull left and could actually Effect any assistance with this plan Instead of leaving The bungling Commissar “boe Jiden” the joke of the western hemisphere, falling down all over it.

  3. It sounds like a load of horseshit. Flynn’s an asshole trying to
    Provide an “out” for a bigger asshole while working for an even bigger “asshole”.


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